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Cloth Diapering

What do you use?

I am debating on CDing our new LO.  I went online tonight to check out some different options.  HOLY COW, who knew there would be so many.  With that being said, can you please tell me what types you use and what you like about them.  I feel 100% lost and have no idea what I should buy.  TIA.
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Re: What do you use?

  • Honestly it's best to use a mix. They all have their purpose and usefulness. I like pockets, all in one's, and prefolds. We still have a few fitteds in our stash though. All in one's are nice cuz they are just like sposies. You just pop them on the baby and go, but they aren't good for overnight. Pockets are similar, but you stuff the pocket with various inserts. I prefer pockets over all in one's. They dry faster and you can add to the absorbency of the dipe. So with the right combo you can use a pocket overnight. Prefolds and covers are nice too. Since they are just basic and simple. Plop one on, snappi it, and put on a cover.

    I only have fitteds cuz they are cute and they are good for overnights. 

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  • I tried a few different varieties when I first started and ended up really liking one size pocket diapers (BG 4.0's in particular), and fitted diapers.

    I like the one size option because it's convenient, and more budget friendly. Pocket diapers are great since you can customize the absorbency to meet your needs, and once they are stuffed they are very user friendly. Fitted diapers are my favourite for naps, overnight and whenever my DD has a little bit of a rash since they allow more airflow.

    I always recommend a diaper trial for starting out. That way you can try out many different types and brands of diapers and figure out what works best for you before you drop a lot of money on your stash.

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  • The easiest to use are AIOs (all in ones), but they take the longest time to dry. I use those and pockets, which are similar, but dry faster since there are 2 parts that you have to put together.

    GL finding something that works for you!

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  • we have: 

    24 (maybe 26) BumGenius 4.0s that we LOVE for every day.

    2 Rumparooz pocket diapers with hemp doublers for overnight.

    One Kissaluvs fitted with a cover also for overnight.

    One Kawaii overnight diaper (again for overnight)

    One Eco-posh fitted with a cover (overnight...)

    We have about 9 or 10 hemp doublers for added absorbency when needed.  


    We clearly have a very VERY heavy wetter and still haven't found a diaper that works really well overnight for us. I swear the kid holds it until she's been bathed and is sleeping in her crib to let loose a stream of about a gallon of pee...  Really, this is all a trial and error kind of thing. We always have some appropriate sized disposables around in case we have to strip the cloth or can't figure out where the "stink" or rash is coming from... there are some good places online that have diaper trials or diaper packs you can buy that have a few different styles in them so you can see what works best with your LO... 


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  • I am also considering CDing and got totally overwhelmed when checking out the options online. So many types, so confusing, what do I need?!

    I couldn't find any good how-to guides online, so I bought the book Changing Diapers from amazon, and am so much less overwhelmed and confused now after reading it. I recommend it. 

    Anyways, like other posters suggested, it does seem like the best idea to first get a small variety of types to see what works best for your LO before making a huge purchase. I plan on getting some All-in-Ones (AIOs), pockets, and maybe some prefolds to try out. Now to decide what brands to try first. . . 

    Good thing I have 6 more months to figure this out.

  • We use flats with covers. The flats are the old school diapers (what my mother used on my brother and me), but the covers are much, much better than what used to be available. We either fold the flats and the cover keeps them and in place, or we pad fold them and use them as the insert in a Flip diaper cover.

    Advantages: flats are very economical, durable, don't require as much TLC as the all-in-one diapers, dry quickly, and with different folds can be used from birth through potty training. You can reuse covers between changes (unless poop gets on it - common in the newborn stage), so the overall cost of your diaper stash is lower. 

    Disadvantages: flats are big (usually 27"x27"), so on little babies they will be bulky. You have to learn folds. As baby gets bigger you'll have to double up or add a pad folded diaper to increase absorbency. As I'm finding out, once baby gets mobile, diaper shifts unless pinned or Snappi'ed. They are more intimidating to those who have only used disposables. 

  • Welcome! You're in the right place for CD info. Also check out the YouTube series Cloth Diapering 101. It will help introduce you to different types of diapers.

    When DD was a newborn (since most newbies don't fit into one-size diapers, despite claims by most manufacturers) I used fitteds or prefolds with covers as well as AIOs. My favorites were the fitteds with covers because a fitted is awesome at containing nb poo, but all of them worked pretty well (and far better than a disposable). I used Kissaluvs size 0 fitteds because I got a good deal on used ones, but Green Mountain fitteds are nice, too. My favorite newborn covers were Proraps NB and Thirsties XS.

    Now that she's older I have a mix of prefolds/covers and pockets for daytime and use fitteds with covers and hemp for overnight. The prefolds are really absorbent and so easy to launder. And pockets are convenient and easy to get onto a squirmy baby. I use Green Mountain prefolds and my favorite covers now are Bummis Super Brites. My favorite pockets are BumGenius 4.0s, but I also like my Swaddlebees and Kawaiis.

    Have fun with your research!

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