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Teenie Tiny socks?

Help! Our LO's feet are incredibly tiny, I can't find anything tiny enough to put on his little toes. Any suggestions on what brand or where I can find tiny socks. I've tried Carters, I bought some newborn booties, etc but they all fall right off. Do they sell Preemie socks anywhere?
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Re: Teenie Tiny socks?

  • My BRU just got preemie socks in for the fall last week. I also found preemie socks at Gymboree. Gymboree even had mico preemie socks. GL
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  • It's not the socks, it's the fact that your baby is a newborn. Socks fall off SO FREQUENTLY for newborns, till like 3+ months.
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  • image juliane2004:
    It's not the socks, it's the fact that your baby is a newborn. Socks fall off SO FREQUENTLY for newborns, till like 3+ months.

    Some kids have really skinny feet/legs. When you put the sock on and it doesn't even touch the kid's ankle because it's too wide, it's a sock problem, not a newborn problem.

    OP, I found some white bootie style socks at the GAP outlet that fit my boy's skinny feet pretty well.


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  • My kid must have huge feet! Haha the newborn socks have been too small for him since he was born, the heal area was in the middle of his foot.
  • It's the fact that he's feet/legs are incredibly skinny. Our daughter was the same way but she lived in gowns and we stayed home most of the time or when we did go out she was wrapped up in blankets (December baby), having a toddler we are out and about more this time and it's HOT, we live in FL so wrapping him up isn't really an option but I don't want to have him out with bare feet. DD still wears size 2 shoes and newborn socks at age 22 months and I have a feeling DS is going to be the same. Thanks so much gals for the help with brands, etc, I'm on a mission tomorrow to find him socks. 
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