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BF and FF

I am considering doing BF and using Formula. I would still like to BF and pump but my supply does not seen to satisfy my LO. Is there anyone else who does both BM and formula?

I was curious as to what brand of formula to use.

Also how much does it usually cost and how often do you have to purchase it out of curiosity.

Re: BF and FF

  • I am currently doing both. I chose to start weaning recently and we are using Similac Organic.(does not contain the arsenic rice) We did this around same time frame (8 weeks) with my DD who is 5 now. She did great on it and we did not notice a huge difference in poop or gas/fussy.

    It is about $26 at target, but I have a ton of the $5 coupons. Right now we only give him formula 3 times out of the 6/7 bottles per day. We need a new can every other week-ish.

    Good luck and do what YOU think is best for baby. If your milk supply goes up, it does, if not, that's ok too.

  • with my first i did both - breastfeeding and formula. and i plan to with this one as well. we used similac. i would talk to your pediatrician about what they recommend as far as the best way to go about it. mine had some great suggestions that worked really well for us (like using more formula toward night sleep and getting longer stretches of sleep!! mine slept 6+ hours at six weeks!). it worked great for us and i kept my supply up by pumping. 
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  • If LO is still hungry after eating off both breasts (usually in the evening), I supplement with formula.  He has never had more than 4 oz of formula in one day.  Some days he doesn't have any formula.  These days have become more frequent because I have been pumping enough after LO's morning feeding to supplement the evening feedings. 

    We use Enfamil Infant, just because LO's pediatrician gave us two containers.  We purchased one tub (23.3 oz, $24) after we used those up.  We still have about 1/4 of the tub remaining.  We're going to try to switch him to Parent's Choice (35 oz, $19) once we use up the Enfamil.

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  • Ditto first pp comment...monitor diaper output
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  • My LO is 9 wks. And I do occasionally supplement with Walmart's parent choice for fussiness and gas and it's seems to work just fine. $20.00 for a 33 oz. can. I don't give it to often and am only on my second can.  BUT it doesn't seem to hurt my supply if I skip a feeding once or twice a week and give formula instead. I doubt this is true for everyone so I would be careful about that.  I had coupons for similac and emfamil and Walmart's brand is still cheaper and has the same ingredients.
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  • I started out doing both, but I totally screwed it up by not pumping or BFing enough so now my supply is almost zero. I still manage to get maybe 1 oz. out in the morning, which I guess is better than nothing. I will say that feel a lot better now that we've pretty much settled on formula.  All the switching back and forth was stressing me out b/c I was constantly worried if I was making the right decision. We started out with Similac Advanced and have now switched to Parent's Choice which is working out with no problems so far.  
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  • My LO is 4 weeks old and I started only BF and now I BF and FF. Formula has helped us get more sleep at night. I use Enfamil (soy). As for your supply, my Ped recommended Fenugreek capsuls or tea and it worked like a charm. I am producing a lot more and freezing half for when I go back to work. Try not to give too many different types of formula to your LO as it could give baby tumy troubles.


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