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2nd Trimester

hello second tri!!!!

I am soo happy to finally be out of first tri. Its soo stressful, and I was soo soo sick. This is our rainbow baby, so we were expecially nervous, as we lost our baby at 10 weeks in Feb. I am excited to be here, and to be feeling a little more like an actual human being.
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Re: hello second tri!!!!

  • Yay for you!!! I'm joining soon also!! 

    After 1 ectopic Pregnancy April 2011
    IT'S A GIRL!

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  • Second tri is the best!  Welcome. Im looking forward to some of my energy back!
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  • Yay!! I just switched over too! Glad you're feeling better...i'm just ready for more energy!!
  • Sorry to hear of your loss, but really excited for you to be past that scary period in this pregnancy!
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  • woo! I'm just getting into 2nd Tri too with my first pregnancy! didn't have a terrible first tri...but am ready for some energy and more settled stomach for sure :)


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