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Bubble bath?

Do any of you ladies use a bubble bath for your LO? If so, which brand? TIA.

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Re: Bubble bath?

  • We tried Mr Bubbles a few months ago and it scared DD...we haven't tried again since. Lol
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  • I used Burts Bees. But then I had to stop because DS decided to start making bubbles in the tub with his mouth and he sometimes swallows water.
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  • We do them and use Burt's Bees. DD just loves her bubble baths! 
  • We use Baby Magic. We do it rarely just for a special treat because I don't want to give her a bladder infection. But she loves them when we do!
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  • DD gets bubble baths all the time. We use Johnson's Bedtime Bath. Smells like Lavender, so yummy! I'd highly recommend it.

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  • We buy a store brand (from Shopper's Drug Mart in Canada).  Most days DS would rather shower but on the days he wants a bath, we use the bubble bath.  the one we buy has cleansers in it too.  He loves the bubbles.
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  • Burt's Bees or California Baby

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  • Burt's Bees or babyganics. If you're interested, safemama.com and skindeep.com are great websites that rate the safety of different products and explain what the concerns with different ingrdients. JJ is one of the worst.
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  • I rotate between Shea Moisture, Burt's Bees, CA Baby, Watkins and regular JJ. It just depends what's on sale/what was gifted to us/etc.

    I always dump it straight in her bathwater. She loves it and we've never had an issue.

  • Mr Bubbles hypoallergenic.  Our LO LOVES bubble baths!
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  • California baby...all others say on the bottle "can cause UTI" if used too much 
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  • I used CA Baby a few times - I think it was the one for congestion, so it had peppermint and eucalyptus, etc. (I left it at my mom's house, so I can't remember for sure.) It made LOTS of bubbles and smelled really good.


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  • image etude de la vie:
    California baby...all others say on the bottle "can cause UTI" if used too muchnbsp;

    This is what I was nervous about. Thanks!

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  • Thanks for all of the suggestions. I really appreciate it!

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  • Honestly, we use Dawn.  She liked the bubbles the dish soap makes, it's totally safe for skin (Palmolive might be better; that stuff is great for hair too), and cheap.
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