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Old Navy PSA

I just received a package from Old Navy (there was a sale and I got 5 shirts for $45!!!). I was pleasantly surprised to notice thaat they were all 4-6 inches longer than the Liz Lange t-shirt from Target that I was wearing. Maybe they will last me until the end!!
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Re: Old Navy PSA

  • I've had luck with Old Navy's maternity. I got some skinny jeans and a tunic from there recently and I love them! It's not the best quality, but definitely good enough to get you through your pregnancy.

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  • I just tried shopping there.  No luck -at all.  Though I suppose my Old Navy is kind of small compared to others.  
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  • imageitsmelynzi:
    I just tried shopping there.  No luck -at all.  Though I suppose my Old Navy is kind of small compared to others.  

    There are no ON stores near me that carry maternity, but you can get it all online. 

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  • Old Navy seems awesome for maternity clothes.  I spent $155 last weekend and got 2 work pants, 2 skirts, 2 leggings, a tunic, 5 tanks, and a onesie.  My local store has a pathetic selection of maternity clothes (and they advertise as having a maternity section), but the online selection is great.  I ordered my pre-preggo size, and they seem to have just enough room to grow into (I'm at 15 weeks).  I'm going online today to buy some more of the tunics, because it is super cute, and comes nearly to my knees, and is totally something I can wear to school (I'm a teacher).  I can't wait to wear leggings to school when my students are not allowed.  Hahaha!
  • The Old Navy by me also advertises as Maternity and they had like, 10 things. I was totally thinking of buying some things online, so it is great to see that everyone is pretty happy with what they have ordered. Besides, their new commercials have totally taken me back to my high school/early college days. Big Smile

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  • Old Navy shirts seem to be longer than The Gap sweater I bought too which is great!

  • I recently got a deni skirt, jean jacket (cropped) and white T.  All totally worth the price!  Great sale and great items!
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