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Raise your hand if...

Your baby always waits until the diapers are in the washer to take the hugest poop! It never fails! My DS waits until they're in the rinse cycle. Grrrr!
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Re: Raise your hand if...

  • Not yet.

    But.......the few times I do forget to place a liner on the diaper, she has the nastiest, slimiest poo explosion ever Ick!

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  • Both of these things happen to me - the poop while the diapers are in the wash AND pooping anytime I forget a liner :)
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  • I never have every diaper in the wash because I have the world's smallest washing machine, but every single time I go "Oh, you're pretty wet, I better change you!" it's about 30 seconds before he poops ;)


    I didn't start using cloth diapers until he was about 11 months old, and as soon as I brought home the new diapers and put one on him, it was poop time! And 4 more times that day!

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