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Leaking in OS Diapers

My LO is almost 2 moths and weighs close to 15 lbs.  It's starting to get hard to get the prefold snappied now so I am starting to use our OS diapers.  At 15 lbs I didn't think I'd have to worry about them fitting, but I am getting leaks in a lot of them.  BG , TotsBots, and RaR fit with no problem, I have a hard time getting the FB to fit.  Blueberries sometimes leak, Swadlebees gape really bad around the leg, and Kawaii and Oh Katy leak a lot.  The inserts aren't saturated--they are just leaking out the leg.  What am I doing wrong?  

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Re: Leaking in OS Diapers

  • My DD is small/thin and almost 6 lbs. we get leaks out the leg of the FB OS. I think they are a mixture of compression leaks and poor fit at the legs. 
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  • I would wait a week or two and then try again.
  • Oh, and you can always just trifold the prefold in the cover and skip the snappi! :)
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    I would wait a week or two and then try again.

    I just didn't expect them to be too big on a 15 lbs baby.  I will wait and try again.

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  • I haven't tried all of those brands, but I really do think it's true that certain diapers fit certain babies better. I have 2 OS FBs that always leak, without fail. I thought DD would eventually fit into them, but she's 18mo and 22 lbs and I finally decided to sell them. DD has skinny legs and I find that most pocket diapers don't work as well as other options on her. I also just recently sold my BG 4.0s and Kawaii's.

  • Yep, sounds like a fit issue. Does you LO have skinny legs?


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  • You're probably not doing anything wrong.  Every brand fits a little differently and not everything is going to work for your baby.  I just sold off a bunch of Kawaii and FB OS for exactly that reason.  I agree that it is a good idea to wait a little while and try again, but it may be that those brands just aren't a good fit for your LO.
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