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2nd Trimester

When did nausea completely go away?

Hi!  I just entered my second tri about a week ago.  I really can't complain as I'm feeling pretty good 85% of the day.  When 930-10pm hits I get pretty nauseous and was hoping by now this would completely be gone.  I've been taking B6 and Unisom which really has helped throughout my pregnancy but wanted to taper (as I've noted in previous posts).  Curious when you ladies that were super nauseous started to become completely symptom free?  Hoping it's in my near future.

Re: When did nausea completely go away?

  • Probably not until about 18 weeks, sadly.
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  • I was totally 100% back to normal at 15-16 weeks. I was like you too with bad nausea just in the evening towards the start of my 2nd tri. Hang in there! You will feel great soon! You will wake up one day and realize you have tons of energy and no nausea at all all day.
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  • It is still not gone and I am 20 weeks.. Hopefully you will have better luck!!
  • about 20 weeks for me.  I have to say though that if I kept something on my stomach it tapered the nausea. 
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  • I am 24 weeks and still puke daily if I don't take Unisom.  I have tried weaning myself off of it a few times and have yet to make it more than a day. 
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  • Mine finally went away around 18 weeks. 
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  • Mine went away between 14-15 weeks and then it came back (probably for good now) around 25 weeks.  Good luck!
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  • 22 weeks last time around.  This time I'm still getting sick daily.  I take zofran and zantac.
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  • It still hasn't gone away for me... Hopefully yours will go away around 18 weeks.
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  • I am 22 weeks and it's still not gone. My doctor thinks I'll  probably just have m/s throughout the pregnancy. Yippee. 
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  • It tapered off quite a bit around week 14, but didn't go away completely until 19 weeks (knock on wood...it's only been 1 week but I'm hoping!!)
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  • I'm almost 22 weeks and still taking a zofran every single morning bc of nauseau. I'm also trying to wean myself but haven't been able to yet. Hopefully soon!
  • It was HORRIBLE in my first trimester but around 14 weeks it started getting way better. I still get nauseous sometimes its just not every day anymore.. maybe an hour or so once or twice a week and I still have vomiting about once a week or so. I dont even complain though because its better than those first 14 weeks where i couldnt eat anything and was getting sick 5-8 times a day! Good luck!
  • Mine went around 16 weeks and now I feel great! Good luck!
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  • I had my sickness in the morning during first tri and I tried all the tricks- eating crackers before getting out of bed, etc., and nothing worked.  If I was going to be sick, I got sick regardless.  It has tapered off, but I'll be 24 weeks tomorrow and I still get sick 1-2 mornings per week.  I have figured out that I need to eat plenty for dinner or have a bedtime snack because when I'm famished when I wake up, that's usually when I get sick.



  • Mine was horrible throughout the first trimester after six weeks. Then during the second trimester, it eased up but didn't go completely away until about 20 weeks. I got sick the morning of my anatomy scan at 20 weeks, but that's the last time I can remember having the nausea..
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  • It never went away with DD.  I still take Zofran most days, but there has been an improvement lately, as long as I do not get too hungry.

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  • I still have it....

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  • Some women get it all the way through. Mine was gone by 15 weeks but I still get nauseous once in a while at almost 23 weeks.
  • Yeah, I'm 24 weeks and still nauseated in the morning. My doctor said at this point it's likely it wont go away. 

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  • I had m/s through my whole pregnancy. Some days in the mid of second tri were ok but it lingered around forever, even during labor. 

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  • Mine went away at about 15 weeks, however I still have to be careful about what I eat and some smells still kick up the nausea.

  • Thanks everyone! :)  Appreciate the feedback!
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