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Cleaned out the closet.

It's officially been cleaned of prepregnancy clothes, now just waiting to fill up with winter sweaters and longsleeves for winter... Excited to have a fall maternity wardrobe cause I feel like I would be misreable if I had a bump in the summer, but at least the baby will be cozy and warm this winter.

Re: Cleaned out the closet.

  • good for you, i need to get around to doing this. i am glad i am not going to have a bump in the summer. with my DD i feel like my thighs and legs got so huge, i would not want to wear shorts....
  • I need to clean out my closet, but it's the one in the soon to be baby's room. Dreading it, but I know it has to be done!

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  • I did a good clean out of pants, when I got maternity pants a few weeks ago, but I'm still weeding out the shirts that just aren't long enough to cut it. I have a lot baby doll tops, so I haven't bought but one maternity top, hoping to make do with the others for a while.

    As for a bump in the summer, OK has been miserable hot for a long time. This past week has been the first relief we have seen. I am SO ready for fall.
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