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Actual cost of IUI with insurance...

I am incredible lucky to live in a state with mandated IF coverage, and I try to remind myself this everyday.  With that said, if we had to be OOP we would probably not be able to be here as neither DH nor I have well paying jobs. 

I was just looking over my insurance account online to see if they had posted a decision yet on my next requested IUI cycle.  I came across the info for my 1st cycle.  I know there is a lot of discussion on the boards about the cost of procedures in different locations of the country  and think of IUI (the washing and procedure) as about a $300 procedure based on what I have read.  I was disgusted to see that  the negotiated rate between my insurance and my clinic is $35.35!!!  Yes, you read that correctly thirty five dollars and thirty five cents!!!  I can't help but believe that if they can do it for that cost for insurance that they could do it for OOP. 

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Re: Actual cost of IUI with insurance...

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    Yeah it's pretty nuts.  The cost of sperm washing plus IUI (no monitoring, drugs, etc.) at my place is $200 but insurance only gives them $70 and I give them $20.  A bunch of people travel from out of state to go to my practice so it's sad to think they are all basically subsidizing my care.  I wish more states would change their insurance laws.
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    Yeah, living in a state with no mandated coverage sucks. We thought our baby savings would be to support the baby, not to conceive the baby... :/
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    Being OOP sucks.  I live in a state with some mandatory coverage, but unfortunately I work in a neighboring state with no coverage.  We haven't even started treatment yet and we have already spent over $1700 just on testing and I still have 7 DPO blood work to do (scheduled for Monday).  I knew treatment would be expensive, but I never imagined how expensive the testing alone could be.




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    State mandated coverage doesn't = wonderful all the time.  I live in IL and we have mandated coverage.  But there are tons of small print.  So for me ours covered testing only.  Any and all procedures are 100% OOP.  So yes, it was nice to get testing out of the way it's like "We'll pay to tell you your eff'd up, but not one cent to help you overcome it!"  over $4,000 in treatments later OOP and I really wish I could pay the insurance negotiated rates.  Make my 5% cash discount sound like crap.

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    My insurance pays about $100 for an IUI.  The whole thing is crap.  For IVF at least my clinic has a negotiated rate for OOP clients that brings the price closer to insurance prices.  But the health care billing system in this country is completely and totally broken. 
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    Yeah, living in a state with no mandated coverage sucks. We thought our baby savings would be to support the baby, not to conceive the baby... :/

    This exactly. We are completely OOP even for testing. DH's SA cost us $300 and I was told the HSG would be up to $1800. That's over 2 weeks pay for me so we're having to think about putting it off for a couple months. We technically "have" the money, but that was money we saved for me to take time off work with a newborn and hospital bills for an actual pregnancy and it took us over a year to save that up.

     My coworker was just complaining that she paid $1500 OOP for her live birth, and I'm like WTF I will pay more than that just for one damn test to see if I'm alright.

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    That's completely insane. A factor of 10 difference in price for OOP is not OK. Our experience agrees with yours in that the IUI procedure itself and the sperm washing is usually $300 (and this article on IUI cost in 2012 seems to agree). I really don't know what to suggest concerning what to do except shop around more, or perhaps bring the issue up at your RE and see if they will negotiate with you too like the do the insurance company. I'd be surprised, but it can't hurt to try.

    Good luck.

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