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Hello and Potty Training HELP

I've posted a little on the pregnant over 35 board (due in January) but I also have a 2 and a half (33 months to be exact) year old who we need to potty train. 

I'm at the paralysis by analysis stage ... I'm a reader and have read way too much on potty training, now just feeling more confused! Practical advice please!!

 Poor little guy has had a lot of changes w/ more coming but we've kind of got our hands tied w/ preschool coming up.


- 33 month old boy

- Moved from overseas  1 month ago

- Also transitioned to big boy bed when we moved

- AND I'm 25 weeks prego

- He starts preschool in 3 months, a week before the baby is due ( they have no space for him to start now in the 2 yo class that helps potty train, he'll turn 3 Dec 22) They REQUIRE him to be potty trained 

- We know he'll probably regress after baby arrives but need to get it started for school ... I foresee sending him w/ many changes of clothes. 

-  He will pee in the potty at daycare (he only goes to daycare once a week right now) and he will pee randomly at home .... Basically when he's in the mood, says no a lot when we ask.

- He only wears pull-ups and can kind of pull them on and off himself  

Soooo, I'm looking to step this up. We're considering the 'do it in a weekend / day' sort of idea ... I don't think he'll do the potty doll thing and we don't want to do the 100% naked thing. My only ideas from girlfriends are 1) take him to pick out his own potty seat & undies or training pants 2) Stay home with him for a weekend and ask him a lot if he has to go 3) hopefully he does to like the feeling of wet pants and will start going potty instead of accidents and 4) give one small treat when he goes potty .... 

Do we go straight to undies and never look back? Or undies @ home, pull-ups in public / at night?  

I know i'm over thinking it ( that's what I do best) so any simple, practical advice or encouragement is very welcome!   

Re: Hello and Potty Training HELP

  • While I have not PT'ed yet, I can give you the advice I have seen work for others.

    First wow, what alot of changes.  There is alot for adults to deal with in your life.

    What I have seen work is the three day PT boot camp.  The basics are plan to be home three days.  Have your guy go comando for those three days,  The first day on the potty every 20 to 30 mintues,  Don't ask just do.  Reward as you see fit.  Second day every back that time off.  From what I have heard, by day three, if they are ready, they will have it.

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  • Thanks! I did read about that process and it's good to hear you know people who've had success with it.

    Thanks :) 

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  • Yep, get ready to have potty boot camp. Get cloth pull ups, like Flip Trainers, with snaps at the side. Exact feeling of underwear, without wet clothes. They have a Pul cover, so you won't get leaks, but also keeps the feeling of wet yuck on lo. Your dh will have to also be a part of this (he has the equipment). Get your dh to make a game of trying to sink Cheerios, I know this has helped a few people. Nothing motivates little boys more than peeing on things.
  • I have a girl so it may be different. We tried 3 day PT at 25 months and it was a big fail. She didn't care about rewards at all (and she loves chocolate and stickers). Telling /asking her to go potty just didn't work for her and she was holding her poop which is why we stopped. 

    After that fail she got lots of naked time (mostly outside but some inside) and would usually hold it until it was time for a diaper but had a few small accidents. I made her more aware of things (telling/asking her when she was popping in her diaper and the same if I noticed she was peeing), emptying her poopy diaper into the toilet, reminding her that pee and poop goes in the potty. I never asked her to go sit on the potty (after that failed weekend). After 2 weeks she stared sitting on the potty again but never peed. Another 2 weeks later while on vacation she went from never having peed in the potty to using it exclusively pretty much overnight. I just told her to pee on the potty or ask for a diaper and she decided to use the potty one day.  It was al on her terms and that seemed to do it for her. She was in diaper for 2 days while we traveled back from vacation but has been in underwear ever since swe got back. She was in diaper at night for about 2 more weeks until she told me no more diapers. She has had very few accidents. I tell her to tell me when she needs to go pee/poop but I don't ask if that makes sense. 

    I know 3 day PT has worked fine for plenty of people, it just didn't work with my DD. One month after our initial failed attempt she did it herself on her terms.  Maybe your kiddo is like that as well since he is telling ou no when you ask but seems to do fine at school.

    John Rosemond basically just says: let them be naked and tell them where the potty is. Don't ask them if they need to go and let them figure it out. I guess that is sort of what ended up happening with my DD. 

    i have a friend whose boy loved peeing on the Cheerios so that seems like a good incentive as well.

     Good luck! 

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  • Thanks for your 'potty story ' :)

    It will. Probably end up being a combo of a big potty weekend and him choosing on his own. I can see us having some success w/ the weekend and then just needing to be patient and let him sort it out.

    Thanks again!  

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