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What do you got girls?

1. I am wearing a nursing tank to work because I did not want to wear a bra and a cami.

2. Michael ate a frozen Go-gert, animal crackers, and fruit snacks on the way to DC this morning

3. I am thrilled that Michael ran to the window of DC this morning, pointed and said, "there are all my friends."

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  • I can't stand my MIL. She has only been here since 8:30 last night, and has already attacked our decision to do IVF to conceive our baby, told me about her colon and bowel movement problems, shown me all the presents she bought for the baby and then told me that she is broke because of it, attacked my parents, and unswaddled my baby after I swaddled her, causing her to scream, and then told me I shouldn't be going to the doctor today because she is here. I want to throttle her and I still have four more days.

    I haven't been wearing a bra around the house at all.  

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  • Another FFFC, I sent M to DC in shorts and a tee-shirt because it was suppose to be 75 today and no rain in our area.  It is raining and about 60 degrees.  I would stab the weather guy in the eye if I could get my hands on him. 

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  • I refuse to buy new clothes while I am trying lose weight, so I have a big muffin top today.  Time to go shopping for a bigger size. 

    DD is talking but not real clearly. Pedi appt. on 10/19 to discuss.

    DS still does not want to try potty training, even as we have threatened with the diaper fairy coming to take the diapers.  I seriously think I am going to have to send him to K4 next year in diapers.   


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  • I've put back on much of the 10 lb I lost last year.

    Potty training my 3 yo DS is NOT going well.  And my life doesn't really allow for boot camp style training (dog with kidney disease, mom with Parkinson's, everyone needs me and I have no time to fully devote to my son's PT).

    I wish I was an only child/orphan... honestly life would be much easier if it was just DH and DS (and the dog, despite his health concerns).


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  • I sent the girls to the sitter's today without socks and got ds a coffee at McDonalds. I'm also thinking about having Ben and Jerry for dinner. And I havent made the kids dinner yet, it's 7:30, they haven't asked, I'm trying to wind down from the crazy day.
  • I'm late to the ballgame..  I got out of the house last night and walked around Walmart "as if" it was my first break in forever - - wait a second, it was, and I had one or both kids with me at any moment (DH decided to come with us - can we say shopping with him is like hunting with the Game Warden?!?!?).  The FFFC is that it felt good to just get out of the dang house even if it was to flip'n Wal-mart!!! 
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  • I know I've got tons but the only one I can think of ATM is that I only put a bra on when I leave the house. I've got huge boobs and NEED a bra but spend too much time feeding DS2 to bother with a bra if I'm at home.
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