TTC after 35

Having a love/hate relationship with AF

Last month I was so excited to see her and this month I'm dreading it already.....I didn't realize how bummed I would be and even after 3 neg tests I had hope but todays huge temp drop has killed my hope.

Thank goodness I have a girls weekend planned with my mom,sister, aunt, and cousin. Lots of shopping, eating, and gambling!! We never do this so it's a treat and much needed one after this week!


Off to call the RE to get our game plan for next cycle.

Me:39 DH:35, trying for our first baby! Proud mom to 3 boys, 18,13, and 8 yrs old image
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Re: Having a love/hate relationship with AF

  • Sorry you're out. Go have fun, it sounds like you need it!
    "Don't look back, you can never look back." - Don Henley
  • So sorry - AF is just so mean!
    Me 39 & suspected PCOS, DH 42. Went off BCP when we got married in 11/11, seriously TTC since 3/12.  Six cycles of clomid = BFNs.  Suspected endometriosis & HSG showed both tubes blocked.  Sept 2013 IVF 5D transfer of two perfect embryos = BFN.  Started acupuncture and taking time off to drop some pounds & get healthier before FET in April 2014.
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  • Enjoy your weekend! Use it to clear your mind.
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