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2ww anyone?

So, it's another 2ww here. DH just left town for a business trip for a few days. Plan to do some meditation and acupuncture and maybe rent some feelgood movies. Feeling optimistic but planning not to obsess. How is everyone doing?
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Re: 2ww anyone?

  • Same! I'm not super hopeful because the meds messed up this cycle but still waiting it out. I can't even test early because I have to wait for the trigger to get out of my system.
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  • The 2ww stinks!! I had some cramping last night so figured I was out then this morning my temp went up a little so I got hopeful again only to test neg.

    So frustrating and stressful!

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  • I'm with you on the 2ww. 
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  • I'm 8DPO, with absolutely, positively no mind fetus and won't even test unless AF doesn't show. I didn't expect to be one of those "first-real-TTCAL-cycle" miracle stories anyway, so I'm OK about it.

    Good luck to everyone testing soon!

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    We lost our first (EDD 07/23/12) after finding out at 12 weeks there was no longer a heartbeat. Our rainbow was born 05/22/13 and was worth all we went through.

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  • I'm in the 2ww, too. I think I lost my optimism a while ago. Around 10dpo, I'll allow myself to be hopeful and maybe test at 11-12 dpo only to be crushed again when AF shows up. Now that sounds really negative...sigh.
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  • waiting here as well.  Not really optimistic as SO has been sick.  Time will tell 
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  • I thought I was out, I think I am 10dpo, or maybe 2dpo...after what I thought was O 2days later my temp dropped significantly stayed there 3 days (thought I was out ) and yesterday it rose, and it rose again maybe I was wrong on O, if I was wrong on O, then there isn't a chance :( we BD cd12-22, I am now on 30 - I seem to cycle 35-40 days....


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    3/15/13 scheduled laparoscopy & on bcp.

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    May 22 done with interventions it will either happen or it won't. 

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  • I am on a temping break, but I think I am about 8DPO based on O pain, CM etc... I had some weird uterine contractions last night ... probably just gas LOL I would be shocked if this was our month!  Don't know if I will test or not in a few days.  I have a couple of wondfo cheapies that expire soon so I might.
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  • Me, too!  4DPO and waiting until at least 10DPO to start testing.  I am so nervous to test early because of a previous CP.  But I have this feeling, if/when I get pregnant, the positive will show up super early.  Don't ask me why, just a feeling.  I am taking a break from temping and CBFM.  My cycles are pretty regular and I am am just going to use the calender and watch for CM.  So we will see. 
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  • I'm in my last-ever 2WW after my first IUI. I am 6 days post-IUI. Each 2WW is long but this one is bittersweet due to the fact that we are done trying after this. DH won't do any more cycles and I will be 41 next month. At least for now I still have the dream of expanding the family, by this time next week it could be over...

    In final 2 WW after 1st injectible IUI cycle with gonadotropins, Gonal-F. IUI was 9/23. DH will not do another cycle, so this is it for us. History: 6 pregnancies: 5 losses and one DD (born 1-30-2010). Last pregnancy (May 2012) ended in D&E at 9 weeks, testing showed male fetus with an extra 16th chromosone. Recurrent losses thought to be likely due to AMA (I'm 40).
  • Still hanging out here on the 2ww. It's really dragging. Today is 8dpo for me. Had Progesterone test yesterday. I think I will call the RE in a few days to try to get results of all my blood tests. I almost hope they find something wrong so we can try to do something about it.
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  • Has anyone here started testing yet?
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  • imageNHnative71:
    I'm in my lastever 2WW after my first IUI. I am 6 days postIUI. Each 2WW is long but this one isnbsp;bittersweet due to the fact that we are done trying after this. DH won't do any more cycles and I will be 41 next month. At least for now I still have the dream of expanding the family, by this time next week it could be over...

    NHNative, I am really hoping for you. Why doesn't DH want to try any more IUI cycles?
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