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Anybody else have this?

It's been a while since I was last on this board, but I'm so disgusted I don't know who else to vent to. Anyone else have a problem with their local health department?

Here's the story, about 3 months ago DH took DD to the health department for her shots, prior to going to this appointment DH spoke to the doctor about DD's shots. She said, since DD got her Hep B shot at the hospital, she didn't need the second round with the health department and this particular appointment. So, when DH got there with DD he said "I don't want DD to get the Hep B shot. The doctor said she isn't supposed to get it, she had one at the hospital." The woman got really crappy and made us sound like the worst parents in the world because we were "refusing to give her the shot". So they weighed DD and measured her. They told us she was 30 inches and 26lbs. When I heard this I thought "wow, that's heavier than I thought, but they would know, right?" DH thought that was odd too, but he thought the same thing I did, they should know. They've weighed babies before. It doesn't take a rocket scientist.

Fast forward to this past Monday, DD had an 1 year check-up with the doctor and we took her shot records, so they could do the shots from now on because I didn't like the way they treated my family. After 10 minutes of decoding the records, the doctor informed DH that DD needs one of the shots again, because they did it 2 WEEKS EARLY!!! Also, she is 30 1/2 inches and only 17 lbs 7 oz. What the hell? I know my child didn't loose weight. She eats ALL THE TIME! How could they be that far off?

So, long story short I will NEVER take my child to the health department again for shots. At the very least not in Elkhart County. Angry

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Re: Anybody else have this?

  • Sorry you had such a bad experience!  Maybe the scale at the Health Dept. was calibrated wrong?  So far I've only taken DS to his pediatrician for shots.
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  • I've heard some pretty rough stories about Elkhart County's HD.  I don't want idiots dealing with my children's health.
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