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Birmingham area Apartments?

DH may be getting a relocation offer to the Birmingham, AL area... if it's lucrative enough, we may consider moving.  

Can you recommend any apartment complexes in the Birmingham/Hoover area (within 10-15 miles of it)??  We would likely rent for under a year before purchasing a home, should we decide to take the offer.  We would need 3 bedrooms, obviously LOL


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Re: Birmingham area Apartments?

  • Hey! My husband and I just moved to Decatur from Hoover & last I heard our apartment wasn't filled yet...and we really liked it. Barrington on the Green apartments in Hoover (over behind Sam's Club). They have a gym, pool, tennis courts, 1,2,3 bedroom apartments. We lived there for a year and never really had problems. Let me know if you need any more details. We know the area really well. 
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  • Thanks!!  I'll definitely let you know!
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  • Hoover has some nice apartment complexes-Colonial Grand off of Riverchase Parkway look nice. Also my friend lived in Galleria Woods and there are a few there, off Highway 150. Trace Crossings is another nice area off of 150.
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  • Me and my husband have been looking at houses but until then are about to move to hoover. we have lived at galleria woods for a year it was okay but i wouldnt recommend it. Barrington on the green is really expensive but nice. If you can afford it thats great. The Abbey at wisteria crest me and my husband love. Park at galleria is really nice and very affordable.


    Good luck (: 

  • We lived in Barrington on the green for under 3 months before we moved to rent a house.  I wouldn't touch that place with a 10 foot pole personally.  We had nothing but problems there.  It was the worst place we've ever lived and we've lived in a lot of places since he's military. 

    I would consider renting a house.  We only pay $100 more for a 2 br house than we did for a 2 br apartment.  The utilties are about the same too.
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