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First IF Consultation...Annoyed [a little long]

......My husband and I went for an infertility consultation today. We've been TTC for almost two years with obviously no luck. After a lot of reading and stressing over WHY we're not getting prego, we finally made an appointment. I honestly don't know what the hell I was expecting but I was shocked that just the "evaluation schedule"?which includes initial hormone blood test, hysterosalpingogram, hysteroscopy, luteal phase blood test, endometrial biopsy, pelvic ultrasound and my husband?s sperm analysis? is almost $4,000...and if I ended up needing to do the Laparoscopy, it'd be an additional TWELVE THOUSAND. Our insurance has crappy IF benefits...only covers $2,000 per lifetime. Yes, of course, all of that cost would be discounted for seeing an in-network doctor, but still. All of that is just the evaluation. Then what happens if we need to do more?! I know, I know, we don?t even know what?s going on but I?m a paranoid person and can?t help but think of all these ?what if? scenarios. I can?t be the only one who is considering not doing these tests because of the flippin? cost. Please ladies. Who else?

Since its day 3 of my cycle, the doctor had me get the initial blood work done and they scheduled me for the hysterosalpingogram on Monday. Next on the list would be hysteroscopy but I haven?t scheduled that yet because the billed amount for that test alone is $1,800. We?re going to contact the doctor to find out if all of these test [besides laparoscopy] have to be done consecutively in one cycle or if we can do all other tests this month and maybe the hysteroscopy next month if the first set of tests come back inconclusive or whatever. Does anyone know about this?!

I know it was just a consultation today and I didn?t expect to get pregnant as I walked out of the consultation. But I really was hoping to feel some sort of relief ?unfortunately the financial side of it is stressing me the hell out.  Would B of A give me a loan!?!?!?

Just needed to vent a little?I think I feel a little better? =/......


Re: First IF Consultation...Annoyed [a little long]

  • Sorry, I have no idea why all of that mumbo jumbo crap is above my post. I can't figure it out. Sorry!! Tongue Tied


    ...Nevermind, I fixed it. Sheesh. Sorry!!

  • None of that should come out of your IF coverage, that's regular medical insurance stuff. Call your insurance company in the morning to discuss it.

    And yes, of course you can space things out to fit your financial plan. But you likely won't start treatment until you've done everything on the list.

    Look on the IF or 3TC boards for more info on funding treatment. GL.


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  • Thanks for the comments. I thought the same thing about the insurance but the doctors office told me they talked to my insurance company about it. I will call them today though to find out what's up.

    My husband and I were both a little overwhelmed with the visit. Like I said, we didn't totally know what to expect. The doctor more or less explained what the procedures were but then at the end of the appointment, gave us the list with costs and basically said here you go! Then it felt like his staff, albeit friendly, were up in our faces in the waiting room saying to schedule what and when and saying you have to pay cash if you don't submit to insurance, happened too fast, so all of that just caught us off guard and we were like WTH??

    Anywho, appreciate the response and we'll just have to see how it all goes!

  • Ditto PP, none of that counts towards your IF benefits. The issue may be that the RE is not a preferred provider. This was the case for me so my RE worked with my OBGYN and had the OB order all the tests and then shared it back with my RE: Ask your RE if this is an option. You shouldn't shell out real until actual treatment begins.

    Labs can be ordered at a participating lab and they should all be covered.
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  • Do you have any other problems, i.e. amenorrhea or pelvic pain, that you could be investigating with these tests and procedures? That could provide a medical diagnosis that would justify insurance covering things.

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