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Anyone have any suggestions on a baby carrier. Things have really change in the past six years.
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Re: Baby carrier

  • I love carrying our 9 month old foster baby it's so insanely easy plus all the women think I'm the world's best Dad. I made the mistake of hand carrying the baby at one point and couldn't believe the difference! The carriers allow me to be completely hands free. I was actually walking around in the store the other day...with my hands in my pockets! And the kid loves being in the carriers. Plus it's so good for babies! 

    We have two different carriers Baby Bjorn and a Moby Wrap.

    Both carriers allow for front facing as well as chest facing carrying. The Moby Wrap also allows for on the back carrying. (Note on safety of the hips: For forward facing in the Moby wrap...check with their website.)

    I much prefer the Baby Bjorn and I think it's because I feel like I have much more control over how the baby sits. In the Moby he doesn't have to sit up's much more baby comfort led. My wife likes the Moby Wrap better and today she told me that she has "more of a Moby body".... in other words she has a rather large chest and the wrap fits them better. 

    I would imagine that the Moby would be more comfortable to wear for a long time. I can only go about an hour before I start getting crabby from the weight. The boy we care is about 20lbs.

    I also like that the Bjorn is like a jacket. I can unclip it and just hang out in it when I'm standing around. The Moby is a big pain to put on and much more difficult to look cool my opinion. 

    Let me know if you have more questions. We plan on getting another carrier for me that's more sport related. They are designed for longer wearing and they have more lower back support.


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  • We got the Elite Cruiser from Infantion and the Front 2 Back Carrier as shower gifts. Both last from 8 pounds to 35, which should be interesting. They both offer back facing for infants, front facing for older and back carrier for toddlers. 

    Mind you, we haven't use it yet (kids only 6 days old) but I'm excited to try them out once my son is a few pounds heavier. 

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  • Bubamara Kids has awesome carriers.  You can custom order them with your favorite sports team as well.  The owner Sarah is a June 2011 mom and a bumpie.  I know there is a website but I don't have the link.  Here is a link to the FB Page!/bubamarakids

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