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We just had our little girl this weekend. My original plan was to return to work in 8 weeks. But we seem to be undecided. We live in the Pflugerville area and are looking for a PT nanny or babysitter, $300 to $400 a month, 3 days a week, no weekends, must come to our home, must love dogs(we have 3- all well behaved), must consent to random drug testing, background check, and ok with nanny cam. Anyone know  someone? Or have a suggestion? 

 Our other option is for me to work from home. Anyone know of any work from home, legit, employment? 

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    That's incredibly low pay for a nanny, even part time. If those are 8 hour days, you'd be paying your nanny $4.16/hour at $400 a month...that's less than minimum wage! You may need to come up with a more realistic budget if you're serious about finding someone to watch your child.
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    I was going to suggest the same thing as libby.  If you're requesting just childcare only (not any other light duty house work, etc.), I would still look at a rate of $12/hr. Minimum wage is $7.25. You're asking for something to come work for you for just over half that amount.

    Also look at websites that hire out nannies like Nannies from the Heart or a babysitter finding like Sitter City. 

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    I work as a part time nanny.  I think that you need to expect to pay between $10-$15 dollars an hour, minimum, for a nanny to come to your house.  You might be able to find a home daycare for cheaper, but many places don't want to deal with part time for an infant.  
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    maybe do a nanny share or find a SAHM that would watch your kid...or you could watch someone else's kid PT and you SAH ?

    DS born 8/2010 - preliminary stages of SN int'l adoption - fur mama to 2 shelter dogs;  cloth diapering, babywearing, EBFing mama

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