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How did you find out about the Bump?

Just curious how you found out about The Bump and ended up signing up here?


My wife was afraid during one of our early ultrasounds that I wasn't "as excited" as she thought I should be lol. It was hard for me to explain to her that I guess as men, we just aren't really sure what is going on. They experience the pregnancy and we support them as best we can. But internally, we go through changes too. It is a lot to take in. I started Googling things like "holy crap my wife is pregnant" and "oh my god my wife is pregnant is my life over?" Ha.

In any case, she started sharing some TB articles with me. I started reading them on my own, saw they had a message board system in place, and... here I am.

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Re: How did you find out about the Bump?

  • My wife started on here with the Knot.  After awhile she came over here.  She would occasionally show me things to read.  During our first pregnancy and subsequent loss I started lurking on her screen name.  Once I saw the dad board I decided it was time for my own account.

  • I found it on my own.  I added The Bump to the rotation of sites I look at once my wife enters a new week (25 weeks today!), then I saw there was a message board for dads/dads to be, so I signed up.
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  • Wife used the Knot, moved over to the Bump.  She tells me some things that we were curious about, so I occasionally lurked and found this board.
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  • Oops.  That last one was me under my wife's account, she left herself logged in.
  • was my wife's go-to site when we were planning our wedding and she just stuck around when we bought our house (the nest) and then when we got pregnant. She doesn't post here, she basically reads the articles, but I was playing around and found the community and here I am.
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