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Our cautious BFP

Well we got what we think is our BFP today! it was super faint , definitely a squinter but I definitely think it's there. My wife and I are super excited but definitely going to test again in a day or two hoping for a darker line, and defnitely making an appt for asap, want to make sure everything is rising right since our loss last month

8/17/12 Miscarriage at 9 weeks. Fetal Growth stopped 6w6d 2/15/13 Chemical pregnancy 8/21/13 BFP! MMC oct 8th measured 8w5d

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Re: Our cautious BFP

  • Congratulations....holding my breath for you on the next test.
    Same sex couple TTC with donor sperm.  I am 35 and carrying.  Endometriosis and DOR.
    AMH 0.5, AFC 5-8, FSH 7ish

    IVF #1 - antagonist.  Empty follicle syndrome.  1 retrieved, 0 fertilized.
    IVF #2 - antagonist.  Ovulated early.  3 retrieved, 2 fertilized, 0 blasts
  • With our 1st test we had the same thing. We did a test every day for 6 days and our line got darker and darker! Good luck!
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  • Fingers crossed for you.
  • Congrats!! Looking forward to your next update :

  • Congratulations!  My BFP was very faint the day I first tested.  Here's hoping your bean is sticky and that line just keeps getting darker!  :)

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  • Fingers and toes crossed for you!!
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  • How exciting! Fingers crossed for you!
    M & M
    06/12 - BFP!!!!
    Beta #1 15dpo - 256
    Beta #2 18dpo - 1097
    6wk U/S on 07/02 ~ TWINS!!!
    EDD 02/21/13
    09/10/12 Found out it's two Boys!!!! Sam and Jake
    Jacob and Samuel born 1/29/13 at 36 weeks. photo F489900B-BB44-4C44-ACD1-ABB73509E3B2-9032-000005E7AE7EF53E.jpg Lilypie Premature Baby tickers
  • Keep us posted!
    The word you're looking for is SEX.  I promise.  No, it's not gender.  It's sex.  You're welcome.
  • Great news! :) Fingers crossed for you! Congrats!
    IUI #1 - 10 April 2012 unmonitored and unmedicated with RE 
    IUI #2 - 05 May 2012 unmonitored and unmedicated with RE 
    IUI #3 - 05 July 2012 unmonitored and unmedicated with RE 
    IUI #4 - 30 August 2012 medicated and monitoredLetrozole and Ovidrel Trigger 
    IUI #5 - 27 September 2012 Letrozole 
    BFP! 9 October 2012 Betas:- 12DPO 16; 16DPO 96; 18DPO 315

    Baby Alarico born on 28 June 2013!!

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