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Elimination diet: when to do a trial?

I've been dairy-free for 5 weeks and nut- egg- gluten- free for 4 weeks. I've been tapering off of soy for the past month -- I was taking lecithin supplements for a clogged duct, and so this is my first truly soy-free week. We are doing elimination to try to calm down DS's eczema, and to address the occasional blood in his stool.

In addition, I moisturize him 2-3 x a day, with oatmeal oil in his bath, and a tsp of bleach in the bath 2x a week. His skin has improved quite a bit but is still rough and red in some areas. I saw some flecks of blood in his stool just two days ago, but that was the first time in a couple of weeks. Also, the last time it happened I mentioned it to our pediatrician, and she wasn't too concerned about it after examining DS and asking me a bunch of questions.

Bottom line, DS's improvement has been good but not dramatic, and I'm not even sure I can attribute it to elimination. 

How much longer should we wait to trial a food? Are there any good resources/guidelines on this? DH is begging me to start eating dairy again. He is the cook in the family, and we just moved to the UK where dairy is of excellent quality. And he's been very supportive of our eliminating foods, but he is just itching to cook with a little cream ... 

Re: Elimination diet: when to do a trial?

  • I was told by my pedi GI to not introduce dairy or soy until LO was at least 11 months old. I'm not sure about the other things you have eliminated but I would talk to a pedi GI before you try to introduce anything back into your diet. 
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  • My gi said to do the total 8 elimination diet until symptoms improve dramatically (his thought was 1-2 weeks for me since I had already been off milk and soy for months) in our case, more normal diapers, less crankiness and eczema.  We had to also remove corn to get to a baseline and it took a little over a week, 9-10 days.

    Then continue for another 1-2 weeks to ensure complete healing of the gut. Then add in foods every 4-5 days.  If a food fails, remove failed item from diet and wait to introduce a new food until symptoms disappear for 48 hours.  

    If you still have blood in the diaper there may still be something bother LO, I would look at what you are eating.

    Ds1 could not handle dairy till 18 months, but I have read some moms having sucess adding it back in at 9 months.

    You might research raw milk since you are I Europe, some babies are able to handle it better but I don't know much as it is not readily available stateside. 

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