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Am I worried about nothing??

I have struggled after getting off BC over a year ago and then going almost 6 months with NO period.  My wonderful Dr. started me on Provera (to kick everything off) and then Clomid.  I have also been on Metformin (I was diagnosed with PCOS).

On the 13th I had a positive ovulation test (woohoo) and went in last week for bloodwork to check my progesterone levels.  I got the call back 2 days ago that I indeed ovulated (2nd woohoo).  I am scheduled to go in tomorrow for a pregnancy test and then to discuss from there with the Dr. ------ QUESTION: today I started spotting.  Nothing terrible, but I am beside myself.  I know there are blogs on here that say you might have implantation bleeding, but they don't say if it is just light or heavy bleeding or for how long.  I am hoping and praying that I didn't start my cycle since we have been TTC and praying for a child for what feels like forever.... Any help from someone who has been there???  I know I will find out more tomorrow, but right now, I am just confused/worried/scared/etc...

Re: Am I worried about nothing??

  • Hi I am 32 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby girl. Two weeks before my first missed period (back in feb.) I had some spotting. It was light (off and on) and lasted two to three days. I thought I had gotten my period early. It was odd to me. But I could tell my body was feeling different. I saw my doctor and She confirmed the pregnancy. but with no explanation for my spotting. I assume it was implantation. I hope this gives you some hope! God Bless!
  • No such luck :(  I was put on Clomid again (2nd round) and hoping that this is the month.  My doctor said I can do the Clomid "route" 6 times total.... so 2 down, 4 more chances (if needed) to go.

     Congrats on your upcoming new addition!  How exciting!!!

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