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How to discourage hair-pulling @ 7 months

DD has been pulling my hair constantly and it's starting to drive me nuts. I mean, she's been doing it since birth, but I'm wondering if she's old enough now to somehow teach her to stop? Anytime I pick her up, and when nursing, she generally just grabs for it. I've tried yelling "ouch" to show that it hurts me, but usually that makes her laugh (same thing if she pinches). I'd really rather not wear my hair in a ponytail forever! Help!
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Re: How to discourage hair-pulling @ 7 months

  • I agree with redirection.  Give her another toy to play with, or we often "showed" him how to pat or rub gently instead.  (we used the same technique with our pets.)  It takes a lot of time, but eventually she'll get it :-)

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  • When  DD pulls your hair put her down/end the nursing session (same as if she bit you) for a few minutes and break all contact. She will learn hair pulling does not end well and just causes you to go away.
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  • DD used to do this ALL the time, she would also put her fingers in my mouth, grab my face etc. I redirected by taking her hand and placing it on my chest. If she kept pulling I told her firmly "No, don't touch" and then put her hand on my chest. Now she just rubs my chest when she's nursing. It's actually pretty sweet. :)
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