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Hi all! I am new here, but just started TTC our first.  I will be 28 in a couple weeks.

I currently go to Dr. Weissman of WNY OBGYN in Depew on Transit (same group as Bartels, Powalski, Cloud, and Smyers).  Only been there about 3 times for routine yearly exams.  Never had any real issue (he is very funny and nice), but I do often feel rushed as I am in and out in 15 minutes total. He also seems to do everything fast and not sure how thorough he is (i.e. breast exam lasts about 1 second, not sure he has even ever given me a pelvic exam- just pap).  Not sure if this matters...

Since I am now TTC I am trying to determine if I should try another OBGYN. I have never met the other Drs in the practice (I know you rotate through) and I know they deliver at Sisters. 

I have heard really good things about Audubon Women's in Amherst.  It is a bit more of a drive for me (15-20 minutes as opposed to the 2 minutes it takes me to get to WNY OBGYN), but I am willing to drive if it means a better experience.  I also know you rotate through their Dr.s as well, and they also have NPs and deliver at Suburban I believe.I have also heard everything is done in-house (as far as glucose testing, urinalysis, etc).

Has anyone gone to Audubon? They have a lot more providers, so I am wondering if you feel "lost" switching every appt. How are their NPs? Do you get all of your questions answered?

If anyone can comment on either of these choices and share any pregnancy/delivery experiences that will aid in my decision, I would really appreciate it! I want to decide before I actually get pregnant, so figured now is a good time.

Thanks in advance :)

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  • I go to Suburban Womens on Delaware. It is an all female practice and they rotate through their obs as well. They are all very sweet and take whatever time you need with them. I am a big fan. They deliver at Suburban as well. I'm just about 30 weeks right now and I have started my biweekly apts. I have gone there for all of my obgyn needs and annuals for the past year and I have no complaints. Its right next to a quest lab so its never an issue for apts like GD tests or other lab tests. When me and DH were trying to conceive I called Aud womensabout a 46 month wait to get it. Not worth it to me. GL. :
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  • hi, ive just jooned this site. im from buffalo area also. im sure you have found a ob/gyn by now,yet curious to now who you choose?  

    i am due nov 14 and ive been receiving my care from sister's health center. i haven't met any rude nurses and im a patient of dr.strittmatter. im delivering very soon via c-section at sister's hospital. 

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  • I went to Audubon Women's for several years and recently left as well as my sister. They did not call us back when we had positive test results that needed attention. We had to call to check. They were also rude, and its often hard to get in.


    I switched to Dr. Bruno in South Buffalo and love him now. You always talk to him when you call not the nurses.  

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  • I go to Audubon Womens. I like my Dr. (Dr. Penvose-Yi). She is very attentive and takes time to answer questions. However sometimes I wait a looong time to see her (probably because she doesn't rush her patients?)

    When you are pregnant you rotate all the docs and it's a crap shoot who you might deliver with (unless you schedule of course). I ended up delivering with Dr. Sorley who did an excellent job with an unplanned c-section.

    I didn't love Suburban Hospital and have heard wonderful things about Sister's Hospital. 

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  • Agreed! I also go to suburban womens on delaware and really like them also!
  • I go to audubon and love it there... dr. Penvose delivered my first via csection and will likely deliver my second in a few weeks .  I find them very responsive to my questions and concerns and i have really trusted their clinical judgement through both pregnancies. Lisa is the NP i see most frequently and she is fantastic!! I recommend them highly!
  • I see Dr Smyers and I love her! I haven't seen Dr weissman yet, but the other doctors seem great. Thorough job and care about their patients.
  • I see Dr Gavin on Delaware in Kenmore. Shes by herself which I like, no rotating through anyone else. I had a shit storm super high bp pre eclampsia HELLP delivery at Sisters and I could not have asked to be taken care of better.
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