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Deployed during pregnancy.

My husband has deployed a few months into every single one of my pregnancies. I know we've been blessed to get him home in time for each birth, but with baby #4 on the way, I find it annoyingly amusing that it's been 4 kids, and 12 years, and we haven't managed to time any of them between deployments.

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  • Such is the military life, huh? We're new to the Navy and having our first. He'll be gone for the birth and baby boy's first six months :(


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  • Well we are on number 2 with my husband deployed and he's in the National Guard. We are well on our way to being in your shoes except starting with this one he won't make it home for the birth.
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  • Also National Guard family here, and I found out I was pregnant after he got deployed. =

    Gotta stay positive though. I'm a strong enough woman to get this taken care of! He's doing what he needs to do!

  • So much better to have them gone during pregnancy than during the birth!  With DS2 he was initially supposed to be deployed and get back right before my due date.  That changed and he was out on workups for most of my pregnancy and then deployed 4 days after I delivered.  This time around he is deploying a couple of months before my due date and there is no chance he will be home for the birth.  We also have terrible timing with these things, apparently!

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  • We are on #4 too.  We just found out and he's leaving in a month for a twelve month tour.  So, I'm pretty sure he will miss the whole pregnancy, the birth, and the first half of the first year.  Then we get to PCS within weeks of him coming home.  This is going to be an exhausting year for the both of us. 
  • This is our first baby and our first deployment. My husband will likely be gone for my last two trimesters, the birth and up to 6 months after. I think the part I'm most nervous about is getting to the hospital when labor starts and making it through labor without him. We are hoping he can get R&R but who knows if the timing will work out.
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