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my ds not wanting to do homework

My ds is 5 he is in kindergarten, he went to pre school last yr and had home work no big deal. This year he just don't want to do it, his teacher says he great doesn't give her any trouble comes home with green : all the time. But once he's home he just forgets according to him everything he wAS taught, when i tell him no toys until he does it he all of a sudden remembers whatever i am asking him about... any tips on how to help him enjoy learning doing homework at home not just at school?

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  • I don't know if you're familiar with the Love & Logic parenting books, but I just saw this one: "Winning the homework battle : helping children discover and celebrate their strengths" by Jim Fay, and thought maybe I'd check it out of the library. 

    My son is in first grade and his attitude towards school has taken a dive this year, in comparison to kindergarten last year. It's a bummer we have to worry about this kind of stuff when they're still so young. But school is different now than it was when I was in elementary school, and I'd like to help DS develop a positive attitude about it. I've read one of the Love & Logic books and really liked it, so I'm hoping the homework book gives me some good ideas. Good luck!  

  • Thanks I'll have to check it out myself I am desperate at this point I want to think he's acting out cause I'm pg again and for the last five years he's been the baby... but don't want to let it slide I believe school work is very important
  • My kids are in 1st and 2nd grade this year. It seems to be working out that I spend about the first month of school fighting with them to complete their homework. Then they realize that I am not giving in and complete it with less complaining and procrastinating for the rest of the year. It is like they forgot about having to do homework during the summer.
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  • Both of my kids grumble about homework  Heck, I am a HS English teacher, and I have "homework" every day as well.  I grumble too!

    What works for us is sticking to a regular schedule.  The kids get home, get a 30 minute break to play, relax, snack.  We start homework at the same time every day.  They each have a place where they do their homework.  I do my "homework" at the same time.  I work near them, but I try not to get involved unless they need help.

    DS knows that he can play his nintendo ds for 30 minutes after homework is finished (while DD, who is in middle school, continues her hw.)

    When they don't want to do homework, I say, "Okay, you don't have to, but you will need to write a note to your teacher to explain that you just didn't feel like doing your homework tonight."  This always works! 

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  • Thanks I hope he stops fighting us
  • Thanks I feel better knowing I'm not alone with my homework struggles
  • When someone MAKES you do something it's never fun but if you can find out a way to make them WANT to do it, it'll be easier. Maybe phrase it in such a way as to see what he can teach YOU by showing you how he does it (on his homework). Maybe say "Son? Can you help me? I've been trying to... but I forget how. Do you know?" This works with some kids not with others but it's worth a try. :)
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