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Experience with the uKnow Peanut test?

Hi ladies. My goddaughter is dealing with a peanut allergy, so I'm trying to educate myself as much as I can. I was just reading about the uKnow Peanut test on The Food Allergy Mom, and was curious as to whether anyone has any personal experience with the test.

Here's the link, if you're interested: http://thefoodallergymom.wordpress.com/2012/09/15/learning-about-uknowpeanut-with-dr-maeve-oconnor/

Re: Experience with the uKnow Peanut test?

  • Hi,

    I am new to this board, but I just got my son's Uknow peanut results on Thursday.  Here is our story...hope it helps.  My son has had eczema since about 4-5 months.  Nothing too crazy, but enough to be annoying.  Our pedi recommended seeing an allergist.  We got him skin tested and he reacted to the dreaded peanut.  I then got a Peanut IgE blood test done, which came back at 5.4ku.  That is on the lower end.  I am a nurse in a newborn/infant intensive care unit, so I will let you know I am a little nuts (no pun intended) about stuff like this.  She recommended the Uknow peanut because he has never had peanuts and it can give you a better idea of severity of reactions.  We payed $150 to have it done.

     His results came back positive to Arah 1 and Arah 2, which means he is more likely to have a severe reaction (anaphylaxis).  It sucks, but I'm glad I know now.  I have some questions regarding the results.  Such as, his numbers are still on the low side.  My son is 11 months.....hope that helps.


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