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scripps encinitas VS scripps la jolla

hi all! we just found out that we're pregnant and it goes without saying that we are super excited to be finally on this road.. especially after a miscarriage last december. fingers crossed that we make it through to the end this time! 

on to this though --- for the last few years i've been going to scripps encinitas (live in cbad) for all my normal checkups and appointments, and have been very happy with my primary care, etc.. but this morning i started to do some quick research on where to choose an OB (and ultimately l&d), and i'm starting to wonder if encinitas is the way to go. 

i saw a few other posts about this back from 2007-2009, and was wondering if anyone had any more recent feedback on comparing their experiences at the two hospitals? if so, would you mind sharing your thoughts on this when you have the chance? 

huge thanks in advance!  

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Re: scripps encinitas VS scripps la jolla

  • I have been going to Scripps Enci since I miscarried in June. I am now about 9 weeks. I have had a great experience at SE. I see Erin Phillips and she has went out of her way for my viability appointments and keeping me informed every step of the way. My husband is also very critical and he had been very happy with the staff and dr.s. one thing I would complain about is scripps coastal is connected to CORE. There is not a lot of seating and people from CORE have come to the OB side to sit and wait for their appt. Maybe it is the hormones but it drove me CRAZY. Let the pregnant women sit down! That has only happened once :) I have been there about 5 times now. For LaJolla tho, I have also heard very good things from friends, I have never been. Bit of a drive from Oceanside area.  

  • thank you! my husband is the same way, so i'm a also glad to hear he approves. despite the glowing reviews (and guaranteed private rooms), the distance to la jolla also was a big concern for me.. we're in north carlsbad, so probably similar to your situation. 
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  • I delivered at Scripps Encinitas in July. My OBGYN was in Oceanside and I hadn't heard a lot of good feedback about Tri-city, so I went with Scripps because my Dr. also delivered there. I never have been to the La Jolla facility, but I had a really great experience with Encinitas. My L&D nurse was awesome, and all the other nurses were great. I took a tour before I had my son and I felt much better about delivering there, especially since they are a baby friendly hospital. That was important to me because I really wanted to breastfeed and wanted all the help and support I could get. I was terrified of being in the hospital, (1st baby, and I have never had to spend the night in a hospital as a patient, ever.) but the staff was great and kept me calm. :) It was worth the extra 20 minutes of drive time for me to have my son there. HTH! Edited to add: I didn't have to share a room the whole time I was there. They try not to double up patients to a room unless they absolutely have to. 
  • I delivered at La Jolla and it was amazing. The nurses especially deserve a shout out!  IDK about Encinitas but at La Jolla all recovery rooms are private and modeled after a hotel, they were amazing! 


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  • Erin is so amazing and kind. She has helped me with all of my questions
  • I use dr duhamel at Encinitas Scripps and she is great her entire team delivers at la Jolla. I live and work in Carlsbad but from everyone I have spoken with, the extra 15 minutes of drive time shouldn't be a concern and la Jolla has many more services in case anything were to go wrong. I have three co workers who have also used dr duhamel and her team and we are all very happy with the group. Hope this helps!


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  • we had our birthing classes at Scripps Encinitas and boy are we glad we didnt deliver there.  That hospital is so small! and I have had friends deliver there that really did not have anything good to say.  We chose and will be delivering again at Scripps La Jolla.  Love this hospital, we were treated so well and the private rooms is great!
  • My OB is Dr. Tsai who works out of the Encinitas clinic but delivers in La Jolla.  We had our baby on June 2nd and the OB on call delivered our son.  La Jolla is a wonderful hospital and while Encinitas is more convenient, I really enjoyed my birthing experience in La Jolla.

  • I loved my birth experience at Scripps La Jolla. The rooms are great and they put a cot in there for dad :). The nurses are amazing and really help with any breastfeeding issues you might have. We will definitely deliver our second baby there.
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