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FTM in Arlington looking for advice!

Hello out there, im a ftm in arlington and feeling a bit overwhelmed! I wanted to reach out to see if there are any support groups in my area, and also if anyone has a daycare or nanny service, etc. that they would recommend? Thank you :

Re: FTM in Arlington looking for advice!

  • Check meetup.com, there are many pregnant women's groups.
  • Thank you, i will check it out! Also, im no longer pregnant, daughter is 3 months :
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  • Dearest FTM,

    I too am a FTM and I feel right there with you.  We are in such an antisocial enviornment it feels impossible to even smile at someone without them becoming offended (no idea how this happens).  I have a 9 month old, am 20/21 weeks pregnant (unexpectedly), a spouse that wants a new house, I work full time and take classes as well (no idea what I was thinking at 3-4 months pregnant).  I hope you are able to find your outlet and if not, at least we can start speading the word of just be nice to one another. . even at the daycare!  BTW, I have never had a ding on my car of 5 years until the daycare and even though I park so far away, I may as well start smashing it myself :-(

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