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WTF! I have flippin' PINKEYE!

Vent vent vent.

Since we came home from vacation nearly 2 weeks ago, either Charlie or I have been sick with colds. Today's twist is that I have a bad ear infection AND pinkeye in both eyes.  WHO the hell over age 9 gets Pinkeye???????  Apparently me.  And it's not like I've been ANYWHERE in 2 weeks, other than Walmart.  Hmmm... I did use those wipes on the cart, but still....

Yesterday I had a coughing fit in church but was able to step outside.  You know, that tickle that instantly makes you kind of want to gag and die and cough up phlem.  The pre-teen usher kid gave me some cough drops and wanted to call an ambulance.   DUH!

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Re: WTF! I have flippin' PINKEYE!

  • I'm so sorry.  I got pinkeye when I was pregnant with Emma and I thought the exact same thing, what adult gets pink eye?  My oldest used to get it everytime she was sick when she was little and I never got it.  Then at 38 and 7 months pregnant I get pinkeye and bronchitis!!  My doc gave me a z-pack and I felt better within a couple hours of the first dose.  Hope you feel better real soon. :)
  • The only reason DD ever got pinkeye was because she had a sinus/ear infection...  My brother had it a few years ago when it went through all the kids getting it, yea, he wasn't impressed either.. 

    Good luck, now you've got the airtight excuse to go get the antibiotics!!  Hope you start feeling better soon!!!

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  • Been there done that, several times.  Once I had it and it erupted the morning I had a private breakfast meeting with the Big Boss.  I looked and felt my best. 
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  • Boo. I'm sorry Sad
  • Bleh, this really isn't your week. Get lost pink eye!
  • Oh, no!  Hope you and your eyeball are on the mend soon!
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  • That's just great - I hope you're feeling better and hope C doesn't catch it - is pinkeye contagious? I am clueless.

    If it makes you feel any better, I have a cold sore. Not nearly the same thing but it is unpleasant to look at, and the abreva isn't helping - I don't think I caught it in time. I only get them when under extreme stress. Who knew taking care of a newborn would be more stressful than studying for a bar exam? Huh.

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  • I had pink eye last February.  I have 4 children and not ONE of them had it....nope, just ME, lol!  Crazy.  Feel better soon!
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