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Sleeping Position After C-Section

I had my c-section a week and a half ago (Wednesday, September 5th).  I have not slept in my bed since the surgery.  I am afraid that during the night I will flip over onto my stomach, since that is how I slept before pregnancy and I want so bad to sleep like that again.  Am I being unreasonable?  Is it ok to sleep flat on my back, or even on my side at this point?  How do you sleep after your c-section?  Thank You! :)

Re: Sleeping Position After C-Section

  • I think your body will tell you what is comfortable.

    Personally, I slept on my side for a few weeks (2?) after the surgery. I had been sleeping on my side during pregnancy (purposely NOT on my back) and my body got used to it. I was also afraid if I laid on my back, that the flabby stomach would sag and pull out on the steri strips. :S Anyway, one day I just laid on my side, then went a little angled more on my back, then went completely on my back and it was totally comfortable.

    I am not a tummy sleeper, so I don't know about that, but my recommendation would be try side sleeping first, then back sleeping when you are comfortable.

    ETA: Your baby has a great birthday! It's my birthday too :)

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  • I slept in my bed right away, mostly on my back and then after a few days I slept on my sides and I just started sleeping on my belly this week, 10 weeks pp. I'm just paranoid, when I went to my pp visit I asked my doc when I could start sleeping on my belly and he said as soon as I want if I'm comfortable enough. Good luck.
  • I slept on the couch for the first few nights home. With BFing and LO getting up so much I felt it was easiest. GL!
  • I couldn't even roll onto my side for the first week after my c-section. I still have pain when I get on my side now and we're 5 weeks out from surgery. Honestly, as pp have said, your body will let you know how you can sleep. I can't imagine sleeping on my stomach yet and I slept on my stomach until week 34 of my pregnancy.
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  • I can't sleep flat on my back and my usual side sleeping position wasn't working for me. I used several pillows to prop under my hip so that I wasn't flat on my back, under my knees because straightening my legs hurt too much, etc.  Just listen to your body - it'll tell you what is and isn't comfortable.
  • I am a tummy sleeper and I was concerned about the pain. I tried about a week after. I was healing pretty well. I started with my knee bent and high. I was completely stomach sleeping about two or three weeks after.

    If it hurts, don't do it.
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  • I slept on my back and side for about 2 weeks, then I flipped to my tummy. It's amazing!
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  • I slept on the couch for a couple of weeks after with pillows propped around me.  I used to be a tummy sleeper before pregnant.  I still can't sleep on my stomach, not b/c of the c/s but b/c it hurts my back now.  I usually sleep on my side or back now. 
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    I used a body pillow during my pregnancies and continued to use them for some support after the c/s.  It helped me transition back to my stomach.  Good luck!!!

    Ditto!  The body pillow I used during pregnancy helped me prop myself up after my C/S.  Over the weeks, I slowly started leaning on it more and more until one day, I woke up on my stomach!  Been fine on my stomach ever since!

  • I slept on my side too-- I put a pillow between the bed and me and it kind of propped me up- not sure why but it just felt better than laying flat on my side
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