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Soy,Dairy and Egg Allergy Question

My son just turned one this week. He has been diagnosed with the egg and dairy allergy for a while. He just got taken off soy this week. I am at a loss of what to feed him. He is a good eater and it seems like more and more things get taken away. I would love any recipes or products that work for this allergy combo. Any help or suggestions would be great.
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Re: Soy,Dairy and Egg Allergy Question

  • We deal with this plus sesame which is actually a bigger PITA there are no safe store bought breads and just focus on whole foods. Fruit, veg, meat, good fats, spices. Coconut milk for cooking. I basically make everything he eats from scratch. It is hard but not impossible. The picky days are tough. He likes chicken tenders breaded in whole wheat flour and garlic powder pan fried in olive oil with sweet potato fries baked a lot.
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