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I lurk here a lot....I guess I need to introduce myself.  My name is philkristi, am 36 & have a 22 months old DD and an 8 month old DS.  We are done, family complete.  Happily married to my DH for 15 years, been together for over 20 years.  High school sweethearts that didn't want kids.  Well after 13 years of marriage we thought we want 1, just 1.  Well after having DD we couldn't wait to have 1 more, but we are defintely done now.  2 under 2 and being 36 it is tiring.  Luckily DH is a very hands on Dad. 

DD was a preemie born at 31 weeks but luckily she is doing great now and pretty much a normal almost 2 year old.  I was high risk when I got pregnant with DS just because of DD being early but he stayed put until 37 weeks and came home with us right away.  And so glad to not be pregnant anymore - so worried all the time and so uncomfortable all the time - glad I was able to do it but so glad it's over and don't have to do it anymore.

 We also have 4 Boston Terriers, Lilly, Kaylee, Maggie & Ginger.  Thought we weren't having kids so we had 4 little girl it's work - 2 kids and 4 dogs :)  

 I work full time, have a 45 minute commute both ways, SUCKS!  And hate my job or well used to be pretty good but they made some changes and made my boss the B**CH of the company.  So that makes things pretty misreable, but look forward to 4:30 everyday and having my weekends off.

Don't know much else, hope to get to know some of you!  I was reading the post earlier about 80 hair!  Love it, In the 7/8th grade I had the long blond hair with a spiral perm with the super tall bangs!  What on earth were we thinking! 

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Re: Hello!

  • Welcome! I'm new here also... Is your daughter wearing a doc band in your siggie? My son wore one also (well 2 actually), I love seeing kids out & about with them on, they're so cute.

    Sorry about your work :(. Hope it gets better...


  • Well she did were a full Hanger helmet....she has been out of it since before x-mas (so need to update my photo's huh!)  I hated it but decorated it cute and it did save her from some falls when learning to walk!  It was amazing to me that I never noticed them until she wore hers, now I see kids with them all time!

     Well at least work pays good and I am actually working now, so I get down time :)

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  • Hi and welcome!
  • Hi! Love meeting new people on these boards!

    I'm sorry that work is not going so well. I hope it improves soon ... working for jerks is no fun at all... don't they know that productivity goes up along with morale?

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  • Why oh why do the higher ups never seem to understand when morale is good everyone works harder and better.  I mean when you dread coming to work does it make you work harder - NOPE! 


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  • Hi and welcome! I had a high risk pregnancy too (I'm diabetic, among other things) so I was glad when it was over and our baby was born healthy. He was in the NICU for monitoring the day he was born, but joined us later that night.

    Sorry about your boss. Hope that situation improves quickly. I had the Boss From Hell too, and it was so bad that I'd end up crying in the car before going in for work every morning (I was a kindergarten teacher at a charter school, so not exactly a stress-free environment to begin with!). But thankfully I held on because she ended up getting the boot. 

    Your babies are too cute!

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