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Would you be mad at your wife?

Hey guys,

Wife has been a member for quite some time and always tells me about stuff that is posted.  I have been lurking for a while now, but when she sent this to me, I had to send it to you.  So the questions is: if this was your wife, and found out she put it all over the Internet, would you be mad at her?  She completely belittled him in an awful way.


BTW, it is quite a long read.

Re: Would you be mad at your wife?

  • Lurker here...if you go right to the 3rd page, you'll see that OP came back and man is she a bucket full of fun. ::runs to find perfect gif::
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  • Thank you for XP-ing this. I shared with Parenting.

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  • That was a whole mess of crazy.  I loved every minute of it.
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  • Mad????

    The fact that this guy married this deranged females tells me he deserves the freak show that he is now living in.

    They deserve each other!!

    I have neighbors like this couple.  She walks around all day yelling at him, calling him stupid and an idiot, won't let him drive the car, a total freak show. He takes it like he deserves it or something.

    Same thing here.....a man with not one man gene funtioning in his body.

    I think most good husbands recognize that our wives run the household for the most part, but we also know how to put or foot down, when needed, and be men.

    This guy will not only NOT be mad at his wife, he will probably apologize for her as well.


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  • imagepolooo26:

    I only read the original post. Did I miss something? It sounded like they just had a fight. Every couple has these from time to time. Then he decided to educated himself and came to agree with his wife. She praised him for that.

    I still don't see what the big deal is. I thought it was a nice story and kinda funny.

    The deranged lines in the OP in question:

    "I did not think this was the sort of decision that parents should even be allowed to make... you don't cut another person's penis... period."

    "it was like he was a robot who was programmed with a execute circumcision command... and my putting an unplanned obstacle in that path made the whole system go berzerk."

    " I was seeing DH relive the pain of his own circumcision... his outward body clenched in such a self defensive curl- emotionally he was begging to have a solution to this pain... "

    "The Dr was happily surprised. "Where are you FROM?" he asked... assuming that no one from here (Cincinnati area) would not habitually circumcise their baby"

    "...how circumcision had effected him and that he was now restoring his foreskin non-surgically to try to un-do some of that damage... "

    "NO wonder all the dads in Cincinnati are insisting their sons be circumcised... they were all circumcised whether their parents wanted it or not. The hospital system of a few decades ago was erasing our common knowledge of human anatomy and sexuality."

    Not to mention it was later discovered in the thread that this woman, or FREAK, did not even write the deranged essay.  She copied it from another site. And then there was these closing gems....

    "It troubles me to think that newborn boys are having healthy, functioning bits of their penises cut off because their dads don't want to feel inadequate."

    "To the rest of you who commented that you were leaving it up to your DH's - Congratulations, your strong, protective mothering intuition has failed you. In 25 years your sons are going to be pissed when they realized you cut off a healthy part of their penis without any medical need or consent. Congratulations again."

    There is nothing nice about this story.  Nor funny.  It is deranged to the point that it is sad.



  • imagepolooo26:

    I had some extra time so I looked into this more. I didn't read it very deeply the first time. This was my thought process the first time. Fight, guy with pillow over crotch (funny), guy does research, everyone is happy, 18 inch penis (funny again), guy found out about his family history and wants his foreskin back. The end.

    I can agree with everyone about it now. I didn't realize she was a nut case trying to get everyone on the "don't cut" bandwaggon.

    Yeah...chick is crazy!


  • Go to page 3.


    OP gets called out.. another poster here discovered the original posting of that psycho rant... on a 2004 blog post lol. The OP says she "may have repurposed" the story or something to the effect. Turns out she isn't even pregnant.


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  • Where do they make these women?

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  • lucker here and i got very upset that she said all of that about her husband she was just wrong. we "strangers" should never know all of that. just wrong made him sound like he is not a man 
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