Parenting after 35

Hello All

Been MIA for a while. Still trying to figure out this custody/visitation/child support thing. Nothing I do in parenting is right to certain people, and the constant negativity is starting to wear on me. Felt like I was back at the beginning of my pregnancy going...STAY AWAY FROM GOOGLE... But, I've missed y'all! Hope everyone is doing well.

DD is back at school for her Junior year, and DS is still refusing a bottle. I've decided to ditch the bottle and start him on a cup a few weeks early. He seems to like that better, and it makes much less of a mess. Pic to come next week of DD and DS at 16yrs and 16wks!

Re: Hello All

  • Not at all related to your post, but I saw this today and thought of you.  There are N7 onesies in the Bioware store.  On sale!

     Good luck with your decisions! 

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