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10 Thing Thursday change

I think I'm going to continue it, but with a slight twist.  Instead of 10 Thing Thursday, it'll be 5 Thing Friday, that way we don't have to struggle to come up with as much, but still keeps the idea alive.  Thoughts?  Comments?

Re: 10 Thing Thursday change

  • I second the above.

    First, I could never seem to remember if it was Ten Things Tues or Thurs, but Friday will be cake. Secondly, I agree, 10 is tough. Finally, feel free to mix it up with adding questions if you wish, but don't feel like you need to every week.


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    Me:34, Wife: 32
    IF reasoning = MFI: Zero Sperm Count using FairFax donor bank
    IUI #1 - #3: 2011 = BFN
    IVF: 2011 = BFN, lost all 10 embryos (with C/Ps)
    Jan 2014 - OBGYN (not RE) found and removed wife's "field of" uterine polyps after failed IVF

    Moving on to surrogacy (actually a planned adoption)
    Surrogate IUI#1: 7.17.12 = BFP!! 15dpiui = 256, 17dpiui = 346
    Oliver Zane born - 3/29/2013 on Good Friday!

    IUI #4 - #6: 2014-2015 = BFN (with C/Ps)
    Switch sperm donors, start ketosis diet to reduce inflammation late 2015
    IVF 2: Jan and Feb 2016, 3 great looking, 8 cell 3 day embryos. Two ET, one frozen
    2.18.2016 (8dp3dt) = BFFP!
    2.22.2016 (12dp3dt) = 649!!

    Started foster care experience in 2012. Now waiting to adopt our foster daughter, 7, who has lived with us for 3 years. 

    "Wait for your God, and don't give up on Him - ever!" Hosea 12:6 (msg)

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  • I'm all for this, as evidenced last week when I stalled around 7 things.  If you want to go the route of having a defined question or 2 you could also have a standard 6th question being "Question for next (or future) week?"  It would be something that we don't have to fill in unless we have a serious question or a GTKY question for the group.  This will take some of the pressure off to always come up with a question when you create the post each week.

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