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Prayers needed

Hi Ladies,

I don't post much but I do know a couple of you from TTC+35 and Preg+35 so I thought I'd ask if you pray, if you would include my oldest DD in them.  She will be 18 tomorrow and has been away at college for almost a month.  Right before we moved her in she got this lump in her neck.  I took her in to after hours care where they determined that she had a throat infection and that was causing an enlarged lymph node.  They put her on a 10 day course of antibiotics and told her to follow up with student health the following week.  Long story short, student health put her on antibiotics for additional 2 weeks, lump shrunk almost away but within 2 days of ending antibiotic started to grow again and is back to the size it was from the beginning.  So now she's being sent for a biopsy.  Thankfully she's only an hour away so I can go with her to these appts, but I have to be honest, I'm terrified.   I am really praying that it's not cancer. They got her in pretty quickly, next Tuesday afternoon so hopefully we'll have an answer relatively soon.  I've lost too many people in my life to various forms of cancer and do not even want to think about my baby having to go through all that.  So, any prayers anyone is willing to say are greatly appreciated.

 Do you ever feel like when things are finally good in your life that something bad always has to happen to bring you down?  I feel like it's been that way my whole life. 


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