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Looking for an OBGYN

I'm looking for an OBGYN in the Round Rock/Pflugerville area.  I really want someone who is going to be super sweet and covered in sugar if you know what I mean.  I recenlty had surgery and my surgeon was great but not a people person.  Any suggestions?

Re: Looking for an OBGYN

  • Hi,

    My ob is in Round Rock and I really like her.

    It's called Cornerstone Obgyn my Dr. is Dr. Irvin

    Hope you find someone you will feel comfortable with.





  • I know this may be farther away but i love my DR.  He's in Cedar Park Dr. Hinds @ Cedar Park Regional Medical center.  I couldn't be happier with him!! :)
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  • Julie,

     Oh wow that is who I actually scheduled my appointment with!!  I went online to look at some reviews and hers are pretty good.  She sounds really nice.  That makes me feel even better!!  Thanks!!



  • I adore Dr. Irvin.  She delivered all three of my kiddos.  You'll love her.
  • I love my ObGyn, Dr. Seeker;  He's in the Texas Women's Center off Mopac. He is definitely super sweet and covered in sugar. So nice and caring. He was recommended to me by a few other nesties. Good luck!
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