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First time for 2nd time parent guilt

DS1 started school last Wednesday and woke up Friday night with a cold. He's still a snot-slicked mess so he's home from school today.

Unfortunately, without DH to keep him busy I'm finding myself telling DS1 over and over again, 'stay away from the baby. We don't want to get him sick.' And I feel freaking horrible about it. My poor little guy is sick and I'm basically pushing him away from me when I'm holding DS2 Crying

Re: First time for 2nd time parent guilt

  • Poor Mommy and poor Big M.  I hope that DS2 can sit in the swing/bouncy chair while Big M gets some cuddle time with Mommy.
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  • Ugh, it happens.  What I would do is once I could put the baby down into the bouncy seat or swing, I would make a big deal out of cuddling DD.  And then wash my hands.  A lot.  It helped her feel better.  

    DD -- 5YO
    DS -- 3YO

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  • Thanks girls. Despite DS2 not settling down for naps for long increments I did manage to get in some awesome cuddles with DS1.

    And yes, copious amounts of Purell have been used Stick out tongue

  • Awwww! This is one of the gazillion reasons why even though I've always thought we'd have 2+ kids, now that we're finally dealing with the reality of our blessing, I think we may be one and done.

    Hope DS1 is feeling better soon, and I hope no one else at home catches what he's got!

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