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So this is my 4th pregnancy and have never been as nauseus and sick with my other 3.. I am talking all day sickness.. With 3 little ones at home this is kicking my butt... so my Dr. just prescribed me zofran... I know a lot of women take this.. but I am just so nervous about taking anything in the 1st trimester.. At this point though I need something to help me function.. Anyone have some success stories with taking this??

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    Helped me a lot. I still felt queasy at times and had food aversions but I love Zofran.
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    Zofran is amazing and it's perfectly safe. I took it throughout the first trimester when I needed it, and ended up having to take it yesterday when morning sickness was kicking my butt.

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    I've been on it for a few weeks. Couldn't go to school or work without it. A good friend of mine who had her baby is August took it the whole first trimester and some of the second, and her baby is happy and healthy :)
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    I took it until 20 weeks with my son so I could function. I already have my prescription ready for this one! It is perfectly safe!

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    Its a healthy girl!!!!! 
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    Oh I love you guys!! I knew I could count on my  fellow bumpies to make me feel better about taking it!!  I just picked up my prescription... Hoping it works for me as well as it has for you guys! :)
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     Causes constipation like mad, but it was the ONLY thing that got me through HG from week 6-16... I was puking 10-15 times per day and had to be hospitalized for dehydration... take the Zofran if you need it.
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    this drug will not hurt your baby. take it girl! its great!

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