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Rolls have changed today

My previously super chill newborn has been a handful all morning. Fussing, refusing to sleep and making me want to pull my hair out.

Good thing my usually crazy toddler came home from preschool and said, "I want to huggle you, Mom," when he saw me frazzled.


Re: Rolls have changed today

  • They definitely keep you on your toes. Every time I think we are getting into a routine, DD changes it on me. In the midst of what I thought was progress on sleep training, she decided last weekend to start boycotting naps completely unless I'm holding her the entire time. I'm literally spending hours rocking her every day just to keep from being an overtired cranky mess all the time. Hope your LO goes back to normal soon!

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  • imagestever:

    , "I want to huggle you, Mom,"


     Huggle ***dies of cuteness overload.***

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  • imagevanverth:

    , "I want to huggle you, Mom,"


     Huggle ***dies of cuteness overload.***

    I know, right?
  • So cute that big DS knew Mommy needed some huggles! 
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