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Suggestions needed for OB's in Knoxville


For those of you in the Knoxville area, I would greatly appreciate your input and suggestions for a great OB!! My husband and I have just started TTC, and I don't care for my old OB/GYN, so I am looking now to establish with a new one, before I get pregnant.  A little side note (maybe some of you can relate), I tend to get a bit anxious when it comes to Doctors and sometimes have a bit of white coat syndrome, so preferably I would like to find a Doc who is very patient and makes you feel really comfortable.  My other was not that way at all.  I have heard great things about Dr. Yang! 

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Re: Suggestions needed for OB's in Knoxville

  • Hi there!!

    I am using Women's Care Group at the U.T. Medical Center.

    So far I am VERY pleased with them.  They have 8 or 9 doctors in their group and you are supposed to get a chance to see and get familiar with each one.


    I have not heard of Dr. Yang...

     Good Luck! 

  • I see Dr.Yang and she is wonderful! Also I really like her group as a whole, its all women and just makes things a little less awkward for me!
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  • We are using the midwives at Lisa Ross.  I also have doctor anxiety issues, and they have always made me feel very comfortable.  I actually look forward to my appointments now instead of dreading them.
  • I would check on the CPMs in the area there are some great ones in the Knoxville area, if you are interested in possibly having a home birth! Good luck!
  • I also use Women's Care Group and love them!
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  • I go to the Fort Sanders OBGYN Group and love that office. All the Dr.s are great!
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  • We see Dr. Schroeder at East Tennessee Obgyn Associates. (it's right next to Parkwest hospital.)  I adore him and his staff. His wife also works in the practice with him as the other doctor and I believe they may have recently added someone new to their group. Love them! 
  • Hi there, Never posted before, but I had to make this suggestion. I recently delievered at Physicians Regional Medical Center in South Knoxville. It is the old St. Mary's hospital and I would highly highly recommend using Dr. Brabson.  He is basically like a doula as an OB.  I actually didn't use him directly for my birth, but I saw him for check ups a couple of times.  I used Libbi Martino who is a certified nurse midwife because I did a completely natural birth.  She was also so amazing!! I would go through the pain again because I am so happy with my birth! The whole experience I had from beginning to end was great.  Hope that helps.  You can do a meet and greet with them prior to making a decision.  I switched practices at 24 weeks because I was not satisfied with my origianl OB. 



  • Dr. Roberts at Contemporary Women's. she and Dr. Yang are in the same practice actually. Parkwest is a fantastic hospital as well.
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  • If I were to get preg again, I would be checking out Dr Yang, Dr Brabson or the Lisa Ross Birth Center.
  • I see Dr. Yang. I like that every one there is female. I, too, have tremendous anxiety about drs, hospitals, needles, blood....the whole nine yards.  They have never one made me feel worse and I have been to other drs that have. I have told them of my anxiety and they let me lie down for blood work (I like that they do it in office) and get me juice and baby me without make me feel like a dope haha.  I also had some issues not related to pregnancy and got emotional and one of the nurses hugged me. Nice. We live 45 minutes away, but for me to have found someone I'm comfortable with it is worth the time. I also like that u/s are done there. One at first on appt, free one to determine boy or girl and another at 20 weeks.  No complaints, but I am sure there are other good choices as well.  May take awhile to get your 1st appt as a patient.  Like the other dr/nurses there as well.

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  • I would NOT recommend Dr.Yang. I had to have a procedure years ago and she wouldn't let my mother stay in the room because she said it was too small however she had no problem letting a new intern in the room to watch just for their experience. I thought she should have ASK. I don't appreciate being an experience for somebody to learn on when I'm going through something so traumatic. I should have done something about it but I just wanted it to be over. Do NOT use Dr. Yang
  • I love dr. Yang!
  • Dr. Brabson delivered my first about 2 months ago, it was a wonderful experience. He didn't put pressure on me for an induction, even though my baby was almost 2 weeks late. I did end up with an induction (my choice), and it was a straightforward vaginal birth with epidural. As a PP said, he works with 3 nurse midwives and Leslie, a nurse practitioner. Their practice also has THE MOST amazing ultrasound tech.

    I should also add that he handled my miscarriage really well. He was compassionate but matter-of-fact. He performed a D&C and I had no physical complications.
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  • I love Dr. Yang. She has been absolutely fantastic to me.....this is my first pregnancy with her, and she is by far the best OB I've ever had!
  • I see the midwifes at dr. Brabsons office. I love them. They make you feel comfortable and will sit an talk to you. I'm 32w an they are just wonderful people.
  • I am using Women's Care Group in Maryville this time and I am happy, but I have has friends who used both Dr. Brabson & his midwives and Dr. Yang. They have all been very happy!
  • My best friend loved Dr. Yang (as well as the ladies on here) and recommended her to me and seeing as I'm new to this (5w pregnant) I'm going with her recommendation.
  • Dr. Yang delivered my baby in August and the whole practice is excellent. Highly recommend!!
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