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I hate fall

I am sitting at my desk rejoicing that my two hour evaluation did not show up because my allergies are kicking my a**.  DH did not feel like going to work yesterday so he did not. I am dying here and came to work.  I think I need my head examined. 
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Re: I hate fall

  • You're crazy! I love, love, love Fall. The cooler weather, the colors, the food... it's all awesome. Yeah, I often feel like I have a knife between my eyes, but it's worth it IMO.

    Still, I'm sorry you're having such a hard time Sad

  • Fall is my favorite time of year! But then again, I don't have bad allergies.

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  • I think it's just typical for the moms to weather it all no matter what.... Doesn't mean we don't still need to have our heads examined, though. Wink
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  • That sucks. Hope your allergy troubles get sorted out quickly and you can breathe again and enjoy Fall.  :o)

    It's weird, because Fall seems to be the favorite season of just about everyone I know, but around here it's nice and cool and pretty with colored leaves, etc. for only around a month. Then, it quickly turns gray and rainy and miserable. 

    The one things that's awesome about Fall is Halloween! After that, I'm just waiting for Spring to get here.

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  • I love fall, but I do feel your pain!

    And I have recently discovered two unhappy things: 1. sneezing while nursing usually means no hands to cover your sneeze; and 2) sneezing while nursing often involves a startled baby who clamps down on the nipple. Oi.


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