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Nicknames for Kevin

Kevin is DH's name.  We are foster parents and for a multitude of complex reasons we can't use his first name- sorry can't be more specific than that.  Since you ladies seem to be the name guru's I was curious if you could think of any nicknames for him.  TIA!

Re: Nicknames for Kevin

  • My husband's name is Kevin. I'll call him Kev.
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  • I would say Kev but maybe Evan because it sounds the same.
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  • I worked with a Kevin that went by Vin and Vinny.  Could you use his middle name, or perhaps pick a nickname that is not oriented to the first name. Such as a NN that might reflect his personality or hobby?  First and middle name initials?
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  • I guess I would want to change it to like Evan or Vinny like someone said so that way with those you couldn't really guess what his real name is.  You'd think it was something entirely different.  Does he have a mn that you could use or a nn of it to use.  You could just change it entirely to something that sounds nothing the same.

  • I might use his middle name in this case.
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  • BIL is Kevin.  Everyone calls him Kev.
  • Butch!  Bucky!  Slick! 

    Maybe something based on your last name, which would be public record anyway?  (Smith-Smitty, etc?)

    All those great nicknames that come organically, not based on the actual name.


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