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Surgery while pregnant with Anesthesia?

Just wondering if any one else has experience with going under for emergency surgery (general anesthesia)? My appendix was about to rupture when I was 8 weeks pregnant (i'm 17 weeks this week) and so it had to come out. I shudder to think about the drugs, antibiotics (both were class B and supposedly safe for pregnant women, but the more googling I do on them, the more freaked out I get) and pain killers they gave me.

Anyway, I've done searching and came up with several others who have had surgery while pregnant, but very little come back to update on how their LO's are doing. Would love some advice for those that have been through this or know someone who has??


Re: Surgery while pregnant with Anesthesia?

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    As long as the doctors were aware that you were pregnant there is nothing to worry about.  I've seen a number of people on here need surgery for various reasons and their LOs are fine.

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    It's discouraged, but so is letting your appendix rupture. I am sure your doctors took every possible precaution to protect baby. With Class B antibiotics, the chances of side effects are incredibly, incredibly rare. Also, narcotics (which is what I am assuming you were prescribed for pain) just make baby sleepy and don't harm baby unless you ABUSE them for much of your pregnancy. Narcotics are often prescribed, even in labor, for pain management.

    I'm glad you're okay. If baby looks good so far, I wouldn't worry. Even so, the remote possibility of a birth defect is better than the other outcome-- both of you would have perished. 


    Just take care of yourself and relax...

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    thank you L&R! Yes they were aware I was pregnant the whole time but the anesthesiologist scared the crap out of me with birth defect talk as they were wheeling me into the OR (I swear they are the worst-afraid of getting sued later). He said he wasn't going to use anything that causes cleft palate, etc, but still I was under for 40 minutes or so for the surgery.
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    I had to have my gall bladder out @ 13 weeks... I was given no pain meds but was put under.. Same thing though I had a stone lodged in my duct and it was ready to rupture... Life or death and deff death for the baby, so I did it. My son is a very healthy and happy 4 1/2 month old :) did you have a u/s after the surgery?
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    Hi MechanicMama1-Yes, I have had several actually. But the day after the surgery baby's heart beat was strong at 162. Just more worried about all the developing that is going on at that time. Thank you for posting! Did they give you Antibiotics before surgery as well? I cannot believe you had surgery with no drugs for the pain-you are a trooper!
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    Yes I was on antibiotics before... They were B and thats why I was admitted because the only B ones were through IV. Then decided to do the surgery not like there was a choice. I hated that they made me "decide" so that if my baby didn't make it it would have been my choice... But everything worked out ok. Yea the pain meds would have deff made it a little easier but it's in the past lol. My doctor told me that if the baby makes it through surgery then he would be fine and completely unaffected 
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    I had surgery at 18 weeks with my second. I was diagnosed with advanced thyroid cancer and had to have it removed along with other lymph nodes etc. It was a scary time but my dd was born and was a perfect baby girl. She is a tough cookie. I hope you have a great uneventful rest of a pregnancy.
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    Thank you everyone for chiming in. It really does help ease the mind a bit.
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