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New here- Intro!

Hey ladies! I have lurked over here a few times from the Jan 2013 board, but I thought a proper introduction would be good.

I am Chelsea and I am pregnant with my second. I was a single mom when DS was born so I did the whole thing pretty much solo. My parents were extremely supportive and such a blessing to me and DS. This time around I am SO excited to experience a NCB with the love and support of my DH....  my experience was amazing with DS, so I cant even imagine how amazing it will be this time around!

I am due 01.05.13 with our little girl, Kendall Marie. I am planning a NCB at the same hospital with the same midwife/midwife team as I had for DS.

This time around I feel so much more educated on NCB and my options while in labor. I am so much more confident this time around since I am no longer a single mom- which I know is silly, but it was rough. 

My labor last time was pretty short for a FTM, when I arrived at the hospital, I had been in labor for probably about 6 hours and my water had already broken- I was 8.5cm dilated upon arrival; 2 hours later DS was born! :)

My biggest fear this time around is that my labor will be much longer and I will arrive at the hospital "too soon"... it is about a 45 minute drive, so going back home really isnt an option.

 I am looking forward to getting to know you all better! :)

Mom to Carter, Kendall, Kiersten and Baby O #4

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Re: New here- Intro!

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