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FCC anyone?

I'm considering becoming an on-base provider since we need some extra income and I want to stay home with DD. Is/has anyone been a provider? Opinions on the job itself? Anyone use the FCC? Just looking for some insight before I decide to start the training process next week.



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Re: FCC anyone?

  • I'm an FCC provider. Each post is different in their program rules, so I can't tell you specifics, unless you're on Ft. Carson! However, FCC is a great way to add income to your home. There are many pro's and cons:

    -Add income to your family
    -Be able to stay home with your children
    -Meet new people
    -Free training/continuing education

    -You can set your own schedule


    - Long hours. You'll have many single soldier parents who need care from before PT to after the workday is over.
    - Paperwork!

    - You will lose your home as you know it. You will have signs hanging up in your bathroom. You will have sign in sheets, boards with relevant parent info, and other pieces of paper everywhere. You will have to dedicate parts of your home to childcare. This is probably the most difficult thing for me. 

    -You will have inspections, often surprise ones. If you're doing what you are supposed to, it's not an issue, but it can be a little annoying. 


    Any specific questions?

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