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3.5 yrs and ready to throw in the towel

My twins have put me thru hell this summer trying to train. I've done anything there is to do. I dont know what their problem is. One of my girls wants to wear undies all the time and pees thru them like diapers. She'll pee on the potty if I put her on but also goes in between. I'm tired of changing  and washing undies all day. I hate to go backwards but when do I throw in the towel :-(((

Re: 3.5 yrs and ready to throw in the towel

  • I have zero advice but wanted you to know you're not alone! DS is 3.5 and just today peed through 5 pairs of undies. The last time he didn't even try to make it to the potty and just squatted and peed in the playroom. His success ebbs and flows. There are weeks where he does great and we have minimal accidents and then there are week like this where I feel like we've made zero progress. I've also tried every meathod out there and am about to just throw in the towel for a while. And if I have to read about one more mom on here complaining that their 18-24 month old isn't trained yet I'm going to scream.
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  • I know exactly what you're talking about. I tried to train my son in January before my daughter was born and once since then. And each time ended with my practically dragging him to the bathroom crying. I decided that if he was going to fight this much he wasn't ready. I, also, did the underwear thing. But he didn't care about peeing in his underwear. It didn't bother him. So I put him back in a diaper and just started asking him if he wanted to pee on the toilet every once in a while. If he said 'no', I left it at that. If he said 'yes'(which he never did in the beginning), I'd take him to the potty. A couple weeks ago, he started saying 'yes' a lot more often, so I started asking more often. These last few days, he's been doing pretty well. Yesterday, he only had two accidents (but still no poop). I'd say if they're not ready, you can't force them to go on the potty. And fighting with them only stresses you and them out. This laid back approach is working pretty well for us (at least for right now). But my husband (who doesn't really participate in PT) thinks that I'm being too easy on him and that I should have stuck with it in January. It doesn't help that his family is always talking about how their kids where all PT by 18 months. Confused I always tell them that my goal is to have my son PT by the time he goes to college, so we're still on track!! I'd say just go with your gut. If you really think they're not ready, then wait. But if you think they just need a gentle nudge, then keep at it. Hang in there! Don't stress too much. It will happen sooner or later!
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  • Well my son will be 3 in Oct and we started PT him like 2m ago and it's not till now that it's clicking. He use to also pee on his undies also and would just tell me "mommy pee pee" when he was already going. Yes it's tiring to keep cleaning after them all the time and being on top of them. But like everything that has to do w/our children it all about consistency. Once you start don't go back, do what you feel is right for you child. Out of everybody in world, you are the one that knows your kids the best.

     Now he is going to the potty all by himself  w/o telling. When he feels the urge he just runs to the potty and pees on his own.

    Hang in their mama's it will too happen to you. OH & BTW I did do this will lots of encouragement,  bribing, and celebrations when he had met the goal of peeing in the potty (even if it was half in the floor and half in the potty). You'll know what works for you lil ones. GOOD LUCK!!!


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  • Have you ruled out a UTI or anything else that may be making it hard for her to hold it?
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  • Right there with ya. We started in May and after a week of learning, we were down to about 1 accident per day. This lasted 2 months. He then completely stopped telling us he had to go. Its been over 2 months now of 3-5 accidents per day. I especially love when we're out of the house and he poops and it gets on his legs and feet as I am taking his underwear off. I asked him if he wanted to go back to diapers and he said no. I'm at a loss...
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